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Petite Blythe 2005


Январь 2005

PBL-41 I Love You It's True

Chair included

CWC Limited Edition: Margaret Meets Ladybug

¥5,250 (January 2005, 3000 dolls produced)
Mamechiyo x CWC collaboration doll

Февраль 2005

PBL-42 First Prom


PBL-43 Groovy Groove


Март 2005

CWC Limited Edition: Intensive Care

¥ 3,990 (March 2005, 3000 dolls produced)
Mini picture book included

KPBL-06 Fluffy Cuddly Bedtime

¥ 1,890

Toys R Us Limited Edition: Pompom Pretty


Апрель 2005

PBL-44 Cassandra Black


PBL-45 Forest Clover

bean's magazine x CWC collaboration doll

Май 2005

CWC Limited Edition: Sweet Milk Bear

¥2,940 (26th May 2005, 3000 dolls produced)

PBL-46 Please Plie´



Июнь 2005

PBL-47 Kingyo-Bijin (Goldfish Beauty)


Toys R Us Limited Edition: Pink Pajama Party


Июль 2005

PBL-48 Buttercake Afternoon


Petite Blythe "Butter Cake Afternoon"

Petite Blythe modeled after the all time favorite, the Little Red Riding hood. The package is also reminiscent of a picture book and is very cute.
I am on my way to my grandma's to deliver the butter cake mommy has baked. Red hood and flower-patterned apron is my usual outfit.
Grandma always admires my curly light brown hair and green eyes saying "You look beautiful, just like me when I was young." Wow! The flowers are so beautiful today. Could I pick some for grandma?

Availability Date: July 22, 2005
Retail Price:¥2,625

Accessories: Doll (1 body), dress, hood, mantle, basket, finger puppet of a wolf, stand (transparent)  >>>

CWC Limited Edition: Roxy Baby


Petite Blythe "Roxy Baby"

Retail Price  ¥3,990 JPY
The Set Include: doll (with painted bathing suit ), rush guard, halter top, mini skirt, tank top, dress, cap, earrings, boogie board (made of paper), and stand.

Petite Blythe has a shaggy haircut, which is short in front and long at back. Very foxy this Roxy.
Based on the Hawaiian local girl style, the petite has a dark brown tanned body, and pink-beige cheeks, natural brown eye shadow and beige lips.
She is wearing a light blue bathing suit (painted) and pink beach sandals (painted). Change the outfit for going out and hanging at the beach. All clothes and accessories are designed by Roxy.

ROXY x CWC collaboration doll  >>>

Август 2005

CWC Limited Edition: Cinema Princess


Petite Blythe "Cinema Princess"    
While Neo Blythe "Cinema Princess" is the elegant and charismatic, Petite Blythe is the cute one, loved by beholder.

Petite Blythe also has red hair and is curled vertically on both sides. She is petite but has presence and grace. Her eyes are deep, beautiful light blue ( facing right). She is wearing healthy, beige-pink makeup which makes her look even more gentle and princess-like.

She is clad in a light orange A-line dress with yoked flare skirt dotted with yellow and pink flowers. She is so cute she looks like sugar candy. Her matching head dress is so adorable, too. It comes with a pair of small flower-shaped pearl pierces.
Petite Blythe also goes for the equestrian look! She looks great in her white blouse and jodhpurs with the red equestrian jacket. The black velvet helmet matches her red hair perfectly. The kit comes with a petite pony mascot made of felt.
It also includes one grand stand which makes it easy for you to pose the doll.
The case is embossed with a light pink tiara, the symbol of the Princess.

Doll (1), dress, head dress, equestrian helmet, equestrian jacket, equestrian jodhpurs, a pair of boots socks, blouse, a mare mascot, a pair of pearl pierce earrings, stand (grand stand type).

Price: 6,090 Yen

Blythe 4th Anniversary doll   >>>

PBL-49 Marmalade Heart



Сентябрь 2005

PBL-50 Tokyo Toddler


Petite Blythe "Tokyo Toddler"   

Red is my favorite color.
I am fair skinned and have silky black hair, so people often say I look good in red! Do you like what I am wearing today? My fashion is reminiscent of the early Showa Era in Japan. Please notice that my bright red one-piece dress with high waist_has small flower patterns on the fabric. I also love the yellow flower on the bonnet that goes with the dress! The moment I wore my pair of white socks and red shoes_I went back in time when Japan was just beginning to dress in western clothes. How nostalgic.

Doll, stand, bonnet, one-piece dress, a pair of short pantalons, felt cut-out tumble doll

Price : 1,890 Yen (tax inclusive)
Schedule : September 23


Октябрь 2005

KPBL-08 Peppy Panda Garden


Petite Blythe "Peppy Panda Garden"

Giving flowers is a wonderful_way to tell someone how you feel about them . I love being surrounded by flowers because of their many colors and fragrances. That's why I love working in a flower shop. Underneath my black and white panda suit I have blond hair and blue eyes. Can you believe it?

I picked you a fresh flower from my garden today!
I hope you like it!

Petit Blythe "Peppy Panda Garden"
Contents: Doll, stand, panda outfit, apron with flower
Price: 1,890 Yen
Scheduled: October 5, 2005

PBL Bear Hug (reissue)


PBL Fluffy Cuddly Bedtime (reissue)

 Миниатюра изображения для fluffycuddly.jpg

PBL-51 Jingle Santa


PBL Something Blue (reissue)


Toys R Us Limited Edition: Wintery Wonder


Ноябрь 2005

CWC Limited Edition: Tommy february Petite Blythe


 Petite Blythe Tommy February 6 Blythe    (October 2005, 3000 dolls produced)

Introducing the cheerful Tommy february 6 Petite Blythe! The theme for this doll is "Cheerleader."
She is ready to cheer with her straight blond hair tied in a ponytail!
Tommy february' 6 logo is printed on the chest of her Peacock-green colored cheerleading unifiorm.
White ribbons on the shoulder and pearls on the side of the hip area.
Even in the competitive world of cheer leading, she is a fashionable girl in her cute uniform!
With her white sun vizor and glittery pom-poms, she will defeat the enemy!
The undies are peppermint green prints. The initial "T" is printed on the back of her panties, The make-up is based on a natural look in beige with little bit of yellow combined. She has coral-pink lips with beautiful blue eyes. This cute cheerful Petite Blythe will bring your spirits up!
She comes with a gold bag, just big enough to fit a Petite Blythe. Perfect for going out.
The handle of the bag is detachable, you can attach it onto your own handbag and use it to carry your cellphone.
The set comes with team flags and a cheer ribbons as well.                

The set includes:
Doll, stand,ribbon for the hair , dress, pom-pom, flag, emblem, ribbon, bag, and sun visor.
The price: 3,990yen
Tommy february6 x CWC collaboration doll  >>>

PBL-52 Tatianna Black


 The Petite Blythe from the land of a fairy tales!    
Petite Blythe "Tatianna Black"

She is the cousin of popular "Cassandra Black" with beautiful violet eyes and cheeks blushing pink! She is in Lolita fashion - pink from head to toe!
"I am Tatianna Black.
I love romantic and beautiful things.
Frills and laces, rose pink, bunnies, French dolls... You can tell from the way I dress, can't you?
Today, I plan to enjoy an afternoon tea with my cousin Cassandra.
I wonder how she is dressed today?"

[ Contents ]
Doll (1), one-piece dress, bonnet, rabbit backpack, stand (standard type)
Price: 2,625 Yen (tax inclusive)
Schedule: November 25, 2005

CWC Limited Edition: White Magic


  The Petite Blythe from the land of a fairy tales!    
Petite Blythe "White Magic"

A snow-white fairy, is the twin sister of the Fairy Girl except she was born with beautiful blue eyelashes. She has pale, transparent skin which makes her light pink lips glow even more.
The wings on her back are removable.

"Gathering the morning dew from flowers and grass leaves in the forest and creating crystals from them is what I do day in and day out.
Looking at dew drops so closely everyday have turned my eyes, my eyelashes and my hair into the color of clear crystal!
When the sun reach the sky and the dewdrops gone,I put on my robe and head for home!"

[ Contents ]
Doll (1), One-piece dress, flower crown, wings, a robe, a pair of boots, stand (Grand Stand -Tall -edition)
Price: 3,150 Yen (tax inclusive)
Schedule: November 25


Декабрь 2005

CWC Limited Edition: Tic-Tac Rabbit


The Petite Blythe from the land of a fairy tales!    
CWC limited Petite Blythe,"Tick Tock Rabbit"

"Tick Tock Rabbit" comes with a rabbit outfit. You can enjoy coordinating her in a boyish outfit. Her skin matches the snow-white color of the rabbit outfit. Get together with Marmalade, and soon the story of Alice in Wonderland will begin...
"Oh, No! I will be late!
I am going to meet the Queen at the Castle today.
My gorgeous honey-brown hair just neatly trimmed short,
I wear my snow-white rabbit jump-suit with a red-checked tuxedo.
Impeccable wardrobe!
I had better run!"

[ Contents ]
Doll (1), Rabbit outfit, Tuxedo, hat, fabric watch, blouse with tie, vest, a pair of short pants, a pair of boots, stand (grand stand-tall edition)
Price: 3,675 Yen (tax inclusive)
Schedule: November 25

KPBL-08 Puppy On A Date


Petite Blythe "Puppy On A Date"

The year 2006 is the year of dog.
"In my light blue polka-dot skirt and my pink collar I am ready for my date. It is a bit early for my appointment, but the weather is so sunny and gorgeous, I think I will go for a little walk! Won't you go with me? I am sure it is going to be a lovely day."

- Contents -
Doll (1), stand, removable collar, skirt, bag, puppy outfit
Price: 1,890 Yen (tax inclusive)
Schedule: Friday, December 16, 2005

CWC Limited Edition: Promise Me


Limited Edition Petite Blythe jewelry! "Promise Me"

These images are not of final the final product. More information to follow.
Price: 10,500 Yen (tax inclusive) with a production limit of 1,000 sets

This is a perfect gift package for genuine Blythe fans. The gorgeous ring can_also be used as Blythe's tiara. The doll is wearing a white and silver base makeup and dress with lavender as an accent color to highlight the ring. Her hair is like cotton candy and is arranged in a pomp-pomp style. The heart shaped ring is adorable in her hair. Lavendar is the color of the eyelashes, The ring size is adjustable. The package comes with a serial numbered heart-shaped charm.
"Promise Me" will make a wonderful Christmas gift for someone special.

Silver ring that acts as a tiara for Petite is made of sterling silver, comes in a ring box, plus a doll (1), coat dress, pannier,serial-numbered, heart-shaped charm, doll stand

PBL-53 Hollywood Hills Party


Petite Blythe "Hollywood Hills Party"

Short and curly silver hair with cool makeup is Hollywood.
"Hi, everybody, it's been a while. I am Hollywood. I am on my way to a party at a slick club which opened just recently in L.A. With my white pleated dress and my gorgeous wrap, I will definitely be the star guest!"

- Contents -
Doll (1), stand, one-piece dress, hat, cape, bag
Price: 2,625 Yen (tax inclusive)
Schedule: Friday, December 16, 2005

CWC Limited Edition: Rendez-vous Chou Chou


CWC Limited Petite Blythe "Rendez-Vous Chouchou"

 "Pom Ponette" a sophisticated, French-taste children's apparel brand and CWC announce the collaboration Petite Blythe, "Rendez-vous Chouchou."
Petite Blythe beautifully expresses her cute world view, emphasizing the image of Neo. Her hair color is a mixture of pink and purple tightly pinned on both sides, giving us a charming impression. Her eyes are ice blue seen from the right. She has fair skin with pale blue eye shadow as the base color over her light pink eyelids with pink cheek color and lips. Party makeup perfect for December!

[ Contents ]
Doll (1), one-piece dress, tulle, necklace, bag, hair accessory, a pair of pierce earring, dog, stand
Price; 3,990 Yen (tax inclusive)
Schedule: Mid December

pom ponette x CWC collaboration doll  >>>


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