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Petite Blythe 2006


Январь 2006

P-PBL-04 Perfect Paisley Star


"Paisley Star" Petite returns with sleepy eyes and movable bodies!
Perfect Paisley Star
Petite in a retro, paisley pattern, A-line one piece dress.
[ Contents ]
Doll (1), one-piece dress, cell, a set of hair accessory, stand
Release Date: January 27, 2006.
Price: 1,890 Yen

P-PBL-05 Perfect Asian Butterfly


"Asian Butterfly" Petite returns with sleepy eyes and movable bodies!
Perfect Asian Butterfly
She is a lovely Asian beauty wearing blue hair with a matching pink hair accessory.
[ Contents ]
Doll (1), blouse, skirt, paper fan, stand
Release Date: January 27, 2006.
Price: 1,890 Yen

PBL Perfect Cosmo Afternoon


"Cosmo Afternoon" Petite returns with sleepy eyes and movable bodies!
Perfect Cosmo Afternoon
Petite Blythe popping out from the 60's retro future world. Her short hair cut is so cute!
[ Contents ]
Doll (1), jacket, one-piece dress, head dress, stand
Release Date: January 27, 2006.
Price: 1,890 Yen

PBL Buttercake Afternoon (reissue)

 Миниатюра изображения для pbl_buttercake.jpg

PBL Marmalade Heart (reissue)

 Миниатюра изображения для pbl_marmalade.jpg

Февраль 2006

PBL Royal Pierrot and Victorian Monarch (Limited Edition, sold as pair)

¥5,250 (sold as pair)

PBL-55 Friendly Giraffe


PBL-56 Baby Bloomers


Toys R Us Limited Edition: Jiggly Joggly Jaguar


Март 2006

CWC Limited Edition: Love Bambinyo


Announcing the final version of "Love Bambino" CWC Limited Petite Blythe designed by Noriya Takeyama, the popular artist known for his early Showa-era fairy tale world blended with a touch of pop. His works include "Little Boots" a deer figure wearing a pair of boots. Bambi living in the forest is usually gentle and calm but will stand up and protect his turf. This is the image Takeyama had in coming up with "Love Bambinyo."
She has classic blond hair and wears bangs. She wears her hair up to her shoulders. Her pink lips with her blue eyes make a great contrast, a sense of nostalgic beauty. Her dress is black embroidered with a white Bambi and laced trims. Her adorable cape with white pompoms and the head dress inspired by Bambi ears are so cute!
She is seated on a black velour gothic-type sofa decorated with white lace. The sofa comes with a cushion printed with an graphic fawn!

Price: 3,990 Yen
[ Contents ]
Doll (1), head dress, cape, one-piece dress, sofa, cushion, paper sword, stand (grand stand, short)

Noriya Takeyama x CWC collaboration doll  >>>

PBL-57 Apple Sweet Angel


 The popular Neo Blythe dress set "Apple Sweet Angel" returns, this time, as Petite Blythe! The Petite Blythe set comes with a doll with blond hair a perfect match for the gothic-Lolita taste dress.
Apple Sweet Angel lives in the woods.
Her best friends are the deer, rabbits and the squirrels.
She is having fun in the sun, surrounded by adorable, fluffy pals as always.

Price: 2,625 Yen
Schedule: March 31
[ Contents ]
Doll (1), dress, headdress, apple bag, stand (standard)

PBL Cassandra Black (reissue)

 Миниатюра изображения для pbl_cassandra.jpg

 Petite Blythe "Cassandra Black" returns!
The popular Petite Blythe, "Cassandra Black," which was released in April 2005 returns! For those of you who do not have her yet, make sure not to miss this opportunity!

Price: 2,625 Yen
Schedule: March 31, 2006

PBL-58 Wake up Kiss


*Petite Blythe "Wake Up Kiss"
Wake Up Kiss Petite is the 3rd in the Blythe Story series. She is inspired by Snow White. Petite Blythe can play the role of both Snow White and one of the seven dwarves.
My dear, little seven friends,
Let me fix you a delicious dinner!
I am quite a chef you know; my entrees and desserts are delicious!
Would you like a slice of crispy apple pie?

[ Contents ]
Doll (1), dress, hair accessory, pants, hat, blouse, vest, tights, shoes, and stand
Price: 2,625 Yen
Scheduled Release Date: March 31

PBL-54 Shanghai Season


*Petite Blythe "Shanghai Season"
Shanghai Season Petite Blythe is dressed in lovely red Chinese style dress. The dress is embroidered with a fluttering display of butterflies.
Jasmine tea is my favorite beverage.
Its oriental aroma fills up the room gently.
With a pot of nice hot jasmine tea and you in the room, we can have a lovely time.

[ Contents ]
Doll (1), fan, hair accessory, stand
Price: 1,890 Yen
Scheduled Release Date: March 31

Апрель 2006

PBL Cherry Ash


Petite Blythe "Cherry Ash"
I am Cherry Ash of Spade Village.
I am a gifted magician!
I am currently practicing some new tricks for an upcoming party.
It sure is going to be awesome!
Limited Version Petite Blythe "Cherry Ash" will on be available at Blythe events and exhibitions.

Doll (1), apron, one-piece dress, hair accessory, stand
Price: 2,100 Yen

CWC Limited Edition: Spring Chocolat


New Petite Blythe "Spring Chocolat" designed by Mamechiyo
The modern kimono designer, Mamechiyo is known by Blythe fans for her adorable kimono-clad Neo Blythe "Margaret Meets Ladybug", as well as the Petite Blythe "Lady Bug". CWC announces a new Petite Blythe from Mamechiyo named "Spring Chocolat"! Her light, fruity makeup and her chocolate colored kimono are perfect for her sweet name. A fresh and new modern kimono Petite Blythe arrives just in time for Spring!
The doll has pale skin with light, fruity makeup. Her bright blond hair is in a flipped bob, the perfect Spring pop style. The large yellow ribbon in her hair gives her the sweetest taste of innocence. The chocolate (brown) kimono is accented with colorful flowers. The color of the kimono is highlighted with a petite rhinestone to give it a glimmer of a fresh spring day. The set also comes with a cute flower bag! Why not make this spring special by wearing your kimono and having a picnic with your "Spring Chocolat"?

[ Contents ]
Doll (1), kimono, obi, hair ribbon, hair pin, hand bag, stand
Scheduled Release Date: April 28
Price: 2,625 Yen

mamechiyo x CWC collaboration doll  >>>

Toys R Us Limited Edition: April Waltz

¥2,940  >>>

KPBL-09 Taddy Po

¥1,890  >>>

PBL-60 Samedi Marche

¥1,890  >>>

Май 2006

PBL Sunset Surfer (reissue)

Миниатюра изображения для pbl_34_sunset.jpg
¥1,890  >>>

PBL Sailing Sailing (reissue)

Миниатюра изображения для pbl_32_sailor.jpg
¥1,890  >>>

PBL Cinnamon Girl (reissue)

¥1,890  >>>

CWC Limited Edition: Strawberry Mille-feuille

Mamechiyo x CWC collaboration doll  >>>


Июнь 2006

PBL-62 Rainbow Wish

¥2,625  >>>

PBL-61 Running Deer

¥1,890  >>>

CWC Limited Edition: Bunny Black

¥3,990  >>>

CWC Limited Edition: Darling Diva



Blythe 5th Anniversary doll  >>>


Август 2006

PBL-64 Long Farewell

¥1,890  >>>

PBL-63 Magical Wand

¥2,625  >>>

PBL Perfect Sunday Best


PBL Perfect Bohemian Beat


CWC Limited Edition: Treasure Hunt

¥3,990  >>>

Сентябрь 2006

PBL-66 Piccadilly Dolly Encore

¥1,890  >>>

PBL-65 Tsukiusagi

¥2,625  >>>

Октябрь 2006

CWC Limited Edition: Last Kiss

¥3,990  >>>

Toys R Us Limited Edition: Fifteen Candles


Ноябрь 2006

PBL-68 Skate Date Returns

¥1,890  >>>

PBL-67 Alps Letter

¥1,890  >>>

PBL-69 Penny Little

¥2,835  >>>

Декабрь 2006

CWC Limited Edition:Clionetti


CWC Limited Edition Petite Blythe "Clionetti"
Clionetti is a fairy who is a friend of Yukinonamidahime, a princess from the land with pink snow. On top of the red puff sleeve dress she wears a cute pink apron, perfect for this hard working fairy. The coat is specially made for her to fit her cute pompom hair! Her hair color is pink,in a cute pompom style with bangs.

[ The set includes ]
Doll(Tip Toe), coat, dress, apron, shoes, hair accessories, pantaloons, and earrings.
Price: 5,250 yen

BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT x CWC collaboration doll  >>>

PBL Campaign Shop Limited Editionl:Inossy


A New Limited Campaign petite blythe doll "Inossy"
After this holy Christmas is over, the New Year will be quick to come!
Our popular petite Blythe series of Chinese astrology is back again!
This coming year's animal sign is the boar. "Inossy"'s retro look is nostalgic of the 60's Showa era in Japan. The hand made look of her outfit and her adorable dolly hatmatches perfectly!
Her orange hair is lovely! Let's bring "Inossy" home have her help us start the New Year with a smile.

[ The Set include ]
Doll (Tip toe), boar head hat, dress, pants, pumps, stand
Date Available: 2006.12.15
Price: 2,100yen

PBL-72 Meringue Coco


*New Petite Blythe "Meringue Coco"
She is a big chocolate lover and wears an adorable chocolate colored teddy bear outfit.
"Meringue Coco" is a professional baker wearing a white uniform accented with a red gingham scarf. She works hard everyday to make delicious sweets! Today, she is going to try a new recipe! A recipe using coconuts with lots of meringue,"Meringue Coco" sweets is made with love. I wonder how it'll taste? Under her teddy bear outfit, she has orange bobbed hair with natural make-up and milky pink lips and cheeks.

[ The set includes ]
Doll (Tip Toe), teddy bear outfit, white jacket, white pants, chef's hat, stand, recipe card
Date Available: 2006.12.15.
Price: 2,100yen

PBL-70 Feel The Sky


*New Petite Blythe "Feel the Sky"

We would like to introduce to you a new Petite Blythe doll which comes with two outfits in one set: A Cabin Attendant & a Pilot Outfit
In her Cabin attendant attire, she wears a simple, elegant navy blue uniform, accented with a fashionable hat. This set also includes hair accessories to keep her looking sharp! Her long white boots are classy!
The pilot outfit comes with a double-breasted suit with gold buttons and gold stitching on her hat. She has gorgeous blond hair with a side part that perfectly matches her outfit.
She has bright green eye shadow, milky pink lips and cheeks!She even has a passport and an airline bag! All of these items make her look very professional!

[ The set includes ]
Doll (Tip Toe), Cabin Attendant: hat, dress, coat, belt, boots, earrings, airline bag, hair accessory.
Pilot : hat, jacket, shirt, pants, belt, shoes, stand, paper item (passport).
Date Available: 2006.12.15
Price: 3,990yen