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Petite Blythe 2008


Январь 2008

PBL-81 Jeremy Macintosh


Petite Blythe "Jeremy Macintosh"

We are happy to announce the red ripe juicy apple Petite Blythe, "Jeremy Macintosh"!
She is wearing green smock with red apple print along the hem.
Her blond hair is curled at the bottom and on her head she is wearing a big apple shaped hat!
She is so cute that she will make you feel happy and cheerful!
She has fair skin and wears spring green eye shadow with pink lips and blush.

The set include: Doll (Tip Toe), apple shaped hat, smock, t-shirt, pants, shoes, and stand.
Release Date: January 25, 2008 (Fri.)
Price: 3,150 (tax included)

Февраль 2008

KPBL-15 Squiggly Squirrel


Petite Blythe "Squiggly Squirrel"

"Squiggly Squirrel" loves to gather nuts and acorns from the trees in the big park.
She is also a good friend of Meowmin.
Her squirrel outfit comes with a cute squirrel tail.
She has straight, shoulder length, vermilion hair with straight bands. She comes with a cute little dress adorned by polka dots and acorns!
Her skin is standard color. She wears brown eyeshadow, light pink lipstick, and rosy pink blush. Her black eyes are curiously look to the left.

Set Includes: Doll, squirrel hat, squirrel outfit, dress, and stand
Release Date: February 22nd (Friday)
Price: 2,625yen

Апрель 2008

PBL Peppermint Bunny


Event Limited Petite Blythe doll, "Pepper Mint Bunny"

The popular dress set "Hoppity Hop" is now a Petite Blythe doll!
In addition to this, the white dress will be changed into new design in pink, just in time for Spring her name is, "Pepper Mint Bunny"!
The sweet pink beads accent the hem of the tiny dress, and it is topped of with a cute rabbit hat! The doll comes with white long and fluffy curly hair.
She wears light green eye-shadow, pink lipstick and blush.
Also, the top secret surprise is, "Pepper Mint Bunny" and "Jeremy McIntosh" are sisters!
You can see the cute design on their under garments!
Limited to 500 dolls

Skin type: Fair skin
Make-up: Eye shadow: light green/ lip: pink/ Cheek: pink
Eye-color: Blue green (front)
Hair color: White
The set includes: Doll, rabbit hat, dress, cape, boots, stand
Price: 2,625yen

Май 2008

CWC Limited Edition: Charlote Champignon


CWC Limited Edition Petite Blythe "Charlotte Champignon"

This Petite Blythe was created under the direction of "Precocious Candy", the winner of last year's Blythe Beauty Contest, "Miss Natural Beauty" category.
Charlotte Champignon, wearing a cute mushroom hat, is a close friend of Neo Blythe "Precocious Candy's Mush Room".
She lives in a little world deep in the forest underneath a rainbow.
She and "Mush Room" love to play together in their favorite secret spots in the forest.
Her brown hair and dark green eyes echo the color of the forest, making her truly stunning!

Skin Type: Natural
Make-up: Eye shadow- light pink, Lip- pink, Blush- natural pink
Eye Color: Dark green (gazing towards the right)
Hair Color: Dark brown
The set includes: Doll, mushroom hat, dress, bloomers, boots, and stand.
Date Available: May 2008
Price: 3,990 yen

Июнь 2008

PBL-82 My Best Friend


Petite Blythe "My Best Friend"!

The very popular "My Best Friend", released as Neo Blythe in 2007, is now available as Petite Blythe! Her hair style, hair color and makeup are the same as the Neo version, and her eye color is beautiful brown (forward gaze).
Her pink and white cotton dress is casual but very sweet!
She will be your best friend!

Skin Type: Fair skin
Make-up: Eye shadow- light green, Lip- pink, Blush- pink
Eye Color: Brown (forward gaze)
Hair Color: Light ash brown
The set includes: Doll, dress, over coat, bag, headdress, earrings, shoes and stand.
Price: 2,100 yen (tax included)
Date Available: June 6, 2008

Июль 2008

CWC Limited Edition: Denizens of the Lake "Suzie Sugar Pink"
и "Suzie Sugar Green"




CWC Limited Edition Anniversary Petite Blythe "Denizens of the Lake Suzie Sugar" Pink and Green!

Hello all of the Blythe fans!
Over the next few days we will be slowly unveiling the 2008 anniversary Blythe dolls from the anniversary story "Denizens of the Lake"!
We are pleased to announce "Suzie Sugar"!
CWC Limited Edition Anniversary Petite Blythe "Denizens of the Lake Suzie Sugar" Pink and Green
Suzie Sugar fairies are Christina's little friends. They teach Christina how to bake cakes and sweets. Their pink and peppermint green dresses have short party dress skirts.
Their whipped-cream shaped hats are made of felt and embellished with beads.
There are two hairstyle and color ways for this Petite.
Each doll will be sold separately.
Their gingerbread man handbag adds sugar and spice to their outfits.
Their eye shadow is light brown and their lips and cheeks are lovely pink.
Their eye color is light blue and looks like sweet candy!
Both Suzie Sugar pink and green have the same clothing, makeup, and eye color.
Only their hair styles and hair color are different.
"Suzie Sugar" pink will be available with pink pigtails. "Suzie Sugar" green will have long straight, peppermint green hair.

[ Skin Type ] Fair
[ Make-up ] Eye shadow- light brown, Lip- pink, Blush- pink
[ Eye Color] Light blue (gazing towards the right)
[ Eye shadow] Light brown
[ Hair Color] Pink / Peppermint green
[Earrings] 1 set
[ The set includes: ] Doll, headdress, dress, bag, shoes, and stand.
Price: 3,990 yen each
Limited Edition of 1004 dolls per color variation
Blythe 7th Anniversary Dolls

PBL-83 Enchanted Little Lodge


Petite Blythe "Enchanted Little Lodge"!

Enchanted Petal is a fairy living in a world surrounded by love and peace, and you will get eternal happiness if you could see the fairy for just a fleeting moment.
Petite Blythe, "Enchanted Petal" wears a teal cotton dress and a sheer hooded cape with butterfly patterns.
She has a long, straight hair. Her eyes are brown and gazing towards the front.
The little lodge is called "Sheer White"!
Outside of the lodge is semitransparent white, and inside is light green.
The background of the lodge a mirror sheet with birds and butterflies printed on it.
This time we will also be selling Little Lodge separately.
These products will be available for purchase at the Blythe 7th Charity Exhibition "Once Upon A Wonder World," before the date available for other shops and toy stores.
Petite Blythe "Enchanted Little Lodge" (Doll & Little Lodge)

[ Skin Type ] Fair
[ Make-up ] Eye shadow- light green, Lip- coral pink, Blush- coral pink
[ Eye Color] Dark brown (gazing towards the front)
[ Hair Color] Yellowish blonde
[ The set includes: ] Doll, hooded cape, dress, boots, and stand.
Main Little Lodge pieces, joint, triangle stopper, plastic cover, screws, nuts, and mirror-coated background sheet
Price: 3,780 yen
Date Available at the event: June 28
Date Available for all stores: July 18

Август 2008

Toys R Us Limited Edition: Primp Pig


Toys 'R' Us Limited Edition Petite Blythe "Primp Pig"!

Primp Pig is an elegant Mademoiselle piglet.
Her pink pig dress and pearl necklace shows she is a fancy lady!
Her cute piggy hat is accented with a black bow and pink pearls.
Her hair color is dark blue, and it goes well with her pink dress.
This is the first time this shade of blue hair was used for Petite Blythe!
She has a matte face with elegant pink makeup.
*The gloves are temporary sewed to the dress in the package.
Please remove the gloves before dress up.

[ Face type ] Fair
[ Make up ] Eye shadow: amber / Lips: pink / Cheek: pink
[ Eye color ] Hot pink (gazing toward left)
[ Eye lid ] fair
[ Hair color ] dark navy
[ Earrings ] 1 set
[ The set includes ] doll, pig hat, dress, gloves, fabric boots, and stand.
Price: 2,625 yen
Date available: August 8, 2008

Сентябрь 2008

Denizens of the Lake "Lily Wild"


Petite Blythe "Denizens of the Lake Lily Wild"

Here comes "Lily Wild," the character of "Denizens of the Lake" and who is only visible to Eleanor. Lily is a gentle flower fairy who lives in the forest.
She wears a flower dress that she picked in the morning, and makes hair accessories from leaves and nuts.
Her dress has beads like morning dew, the fruits and nuts give her the essence of a true forest sprite.
She has a reddish light brown hair same as Eleanor, with a fine fluffy waves.
Her pink-themed makeup and brown eye lashes are innocent and sweet.

[ Skin Type ] Fair
[ Make-up ] Eye shadow- pink beige, Lips- pink, Blush- pink
[ Eye Color] Raw Sienna (gazing towards center)
[ Hair Color] Light brown
[ Earring ] no earrings
[ The set includes: ] Doll, headdress, dress (top and bottom), shoes and stand.

Blythe 7th Anniversary Doll  >>>
Октябрь 2008

PBL Miss Sally Rice


Petite Blythe "Miss Sally Rice"!

The very popular Neo Blythe "Miss Sally Rice" will be available as a Petite Blythe soon!
The Neo Blythe wore a red dress and had light blue hair to create a unique and cute style, and this Petite Blythe is coordinated with soft colors to match her fuchsia pink hat.
Her dress is light blue, and has a brown cat print on it.
Her fuchsia pink beret is a pop accent to the look.
The white lace on the dress also adds a sweet, innocent look.
She has a light purple bob hair.
Her brownish pink eyes, peach lips remind us colorful candies.
Neo and Petite Miss Sally Rice make the perfect pair!

[ Skin Type ] Fair *Petite Blythe does NOT have a semi matte skin like Neo.
[ Make-up ] Eye shadow- light brown, Lip- peach, Blush- peach
[ Eye Color] Pink (gazing towards the right)
[ Hair Color] Light purple
[ The set includes: ] Doll, beret, dress, shoes, and stand.
Date Available: October 24, 2008
Price: 2,100 yen

CWC Limited Edition: Mademoiselle Chocolat de Q-pot.




CWC Limited Edition Petite Blythe "Mademoiselle Chocolat de Q-pot."!

We are happy to finally present the final design for "Mademoiselle Chocolat de Q-pot."!
Her gold dress is designed to look like a foil covering a chocolate bon bon.
The frill on the dress makes her look really gorgeous!
The necklace is sewn onto the dress with gold and brown two-tone colored beads.
Her headdress is brown netting with gold and brown little ribbons, and adds a cute accent to the mademoiselle.
Her little bag looks just like a piece of chocolate, and the Q-pot. logo is beautifully printed on the bag.
The stand was designed to look like a chocolate, too!
Her makeup is in warm beige tones.
Her hair style is dark brown on surface and ash blonde underneath.
This hair style represents Q-pot.'s cute and unique style.
Our beloved chocolate turns to the cutest Petite Blythe!
Please enjoy her sweetness!

[ Skin Type ] Fair
[ Make-up ] Eye shadow- light brown, Lip- orangy beige, Blush- orangy beige
[ Eye Color] Dark green (gazing towards the right)
[ Hair Color] Dark brown and ash blonde
[ Earrings ] No earrings
[ The set includes: ] Doll, headdress, dress with sewn in necklace, handbag, shoes, and stand.
Date Available: October 2008
Price: 3,675 yen

Ноябрь 2008

PBL-85 Night Flower


"Night Flower" returns as Petite Blythe!

The famous Neo Blythe "Night Flower" comes back as Petite Blythe!
Her dark brown hair, fair skin with natural makeup and fashionable outfit echos the style of the "Night Flower" Neo Blythe!
She has a sweet but sophisticated look.
She is a must have for your fashionable Blythe collection, and is the perfect companion for Neo Blythe "Night Flower"!

[ Skin Type ] Regular
[ Make-up ] Eye shadow- light grey, Lip- pink beige, Blush- pink beige
[ Eye Color] Grey (gazing towards the left)
[ Hair Color] Dark brown
[ The set includes: ] Doll, dress, coat, bag, shoes, and stand.
Date Available: November 21, 2008
Price: 2,100 yen

PBL Bebe Babushka



Toys"R"Us Limited Edition Petite Blythe and Neo Blythe!

Petite Blythe "Bebe Babushka" lives in a small village in Russia.
She has a fair skin with soft colored makeup.
Her hair is ash blonde with a stylish center-part.
Her eye color is a beautiful light purple.
The matryoshka-themed outfit looks cheerful and pop, which shows her unique character.
She comes with a little matryoshka stuffed doll.
There is one more news!
The matryoshka-themed Neo Blythe "Matryoshka Maiden" will be released this December!
She is inspired by Russian girls with beautiful blonde hair and fair skin.
"Matryoshka Maiden" comes with Fair skin type and Radiance mold.
These Petite and Neo will be perfect friends!
Toys"R"Us Limited Edition Petite Blythe "Bebe Babushka"

[ Skin Type ] Fair
[ Make-up ] Eye shadow- light green, Lip- light pink, Blush- light pink
[ Eye Color] Light purple (gazing towards the center)
[ Earrings ] No earrings
[ Hair Color] Ash blonde
[ The set includes: ] Doll, babushka, blouse, apron, boots, boots, stuffed
doll, and stand.
Date Available: November 21, 2008
Price: 2,940 yen 

Event Limited Edition: PBL Saint Swan Chocolate


Event Limited Edition Petite Blythe "Saint Swan Chocolate"

The fairy of love and healing is "Saint Swan Chocolate".
She lives deep in the forest, and appears as a black swan.
When she finds someone feeling sad, she turns to a lovely girl and gives them magical chocolate candies.
The chocolate makes your heart warm and makes you feel happy.
Her hair is a wavy long blonde hair.
Her eyes are a beautiful light purple.
Her dress is white cotton with black sheer fabric on it, inspired by a misty lake.
If your heart is sad, Saint Swan Chocolate will come to heal you!
Please come to the special events to see her!

[ Skin Type ] Fair
[ Make-up ] Eye shadow- light brown, Lip- pink, Blush- pink
[ Eye Color ] Light purple (gazing towards the center)
[ Hair Color ] Blonde
[ The set inclues: ] Doll, headdress, dress, shoes and stand.
Price: 2,625 yen

Декабрь 2008

PBL Suzume no Uta


Petite Blythe "Suzume no Uta"

Let us introduce the new Petite Blythe, "Suzume no Uta" (the song of the sparrow)!
Her name is inspired by a sweet country girl playing with the birds in the fields.
There is a cute little bird print on her light blue Kimono, with pink collar
and Obi to match this sweet Petite.
There are red beads at the end of green strings on the Obi to look like adorable cherries.
She wears Japanese style sandals which is a brand new shoe for Petite Blythe!
Her hair style is a retro-themed dark brown bob.
The big pink bow on her head adds a cute accent to complete her look!

[ Skin Type ] Fair
[ Make-up ] Eye shadow- light brown, Lip- salmon pink, Blush- pink beige
[ Eye Color] Pink brown (gazing towards the left)
[ Hair Color] Dark brown
[ Earrings ] No earrings
[ The set includes: ] Doll, bow, Kimono, Obi, sandals, and stand.
Date Available: January 30, 2009
Price: 2,940 ye
n  >>>

PBL Cocoa Butter


Petite Blythe "Cocoa Butter"

Hello! I'm Chu Chu Chan! 2008 is coming to an end.
How was your year?
I had so much fun this year and made so many new friends!
I look forward to the new year and the many opportunities it will bring!
Let me introduce a new Petite Blythe who will spend next year, the year of cow, with you!
Her name is "Cocoa Butter."
Look at the cute soft color Holstein bovine prints!
Find "B" logo and heart shape on the print.
Her brown straight long hair and soft makeup match the "kigurumi" (animal suit).
Have a happy new year with Cocoa Butter!

[ Skin Type ] Regular
[ Make-up ] Eye shadow- light brown, Lip- pink, Blush- natural pink
[ Eye Color ] Brown (gazing towards the center)
[ Hair Color ] Light brown
[ The set includes: ] Doll, "kigurumi" (animal suit) head, "kigurumi" animal bodysuit, and stand.
Date Available: December 19, 2008
Price: 2,625 yen


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