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Petite Blythe 2009


Февраль 2009

CWC Limited Edition: Bloomy Bloomsbury (Jane Marple x CWC collaboration doll)



CWC Limited Edition Petite Blythe "Bloomy Bloomsbury"
We are happy to announce exciting news for both Blythe and Jane Marple fans!
The collaboration Neo and Petite Blythe with Jane Marple is released!
The famous fashion brand "Jane Marple" is known for their innovate design that sets the standard for beautifully crafted clothing, with it's own sense of style.
Their free and creative design is celebrated by it's solid fan base of women of all ages.
Jane Marple has a long relationship of collaborating with Blythe.
Fantastically styled Neo Blythe by Jane Marple were introduced at 5th anniversary event, doll magazine "Dolly Dolly" and more.
Jane Marple, chief designer Megumi Murano was one of the judges at the 2008 Blythe Beauty Contest.
The charismatic and inventive designs for Blythe dazzle the fans of both brands.
The 2009 Jane Marple designed Neo and Petite Blythe are named "Bloomy Bloomsbury" and they are dressed in a classical themed outfit with a modern accents.
"Bloomy Bloomsbury" is the true representation of Jane Marple's signature design.
We will show you the final design of Petite Blythe "Bloomy Bloomsbury" prior to the Neo!
Bloomy Bloomsbury holds a diginified appearance, its slim outfit makes the doll very impressionable.
Once her cape is off her white blouse made of tulle can be seen.
It is an orderly and clear image.
Her beret fits right on her head complimenting her pleat skirt, on top of that her skirt is embroidered with gold stitching spelling out "JM". A beautiful touch indeed.
Subtle accents of white lace on the pleat skirt and black pon-pons on her beret adds to her adorable look.
Her socks are blue and red in an argyle pattern.
Once you put on her short dark brown boots Jane Marple's Petite Blythe is complete.
The support post of her brown stand is specially colored gold bringing out a luxurious look.
Her hair style is put up divided in two in a mixture of two different browns, the left and the right side of the hair is purposely different in height giving a very creative and asymmetrical dynamic.
Her make up is a calm orange and beige complimenting her light blue eyes.
"Bloomy Bloomsbury" is inspired by the Bloomsbury Group whom lived in London in 20th century that influenced literature and culture today.
The doll looks like she caught the stylistic breeze and lightness from the Bloomsbury.
Petite Blythe "Bloomy Bloomsbury" will be a great gift for this winter season!

[ Skin Type ] Fair
[ Make-up ] Eye shadow- beige, Lip- orangy beige, Blush- orangy beige
[ Eye Color] Light blue (gazing towards the center)
[ Hair Color] 2 different mixtures of light brown
[ The set includes: ] Doll, cape, blouse, skirt, beret, short boots, and stand.

Date Available: January 2009
Price: 3,990 yen


PBL-87 Carousel Lucy


Carousel Lucy wears a romantic dress based on red and black.
Her headdress is a little over sized to add glamour to her look.
Lucy's favorite merry-go-round is printed on her skirt.
Her makeup is yellow eye shadow with light pink lips and blush to match her fair skin.
When she sets her Japanese style hair and wears laceup shoes, she is ready to go to her favorite theme park!

[ Skin Type ] Fair
[ Make-up ] Eye shadow- yellow, Lip- coral pink, Blush- pink
[ Eye Color] Black (gazing towards the right)
[ Hair Color] Black
[ Earrings ] No earrings
[ The set includes: ] Doll, dress, headdress, boots, and stand.

Date Available: February 27, 2009

Price: 2,940yen >>>

Март 2009

 KPBL-17  Neromin


Introducing the cutest black cat, Petite Blythe "Neromin"!
Hello! I am a black kitten, Nero!
Everyone calls me Neromin.
Under a gingham check dress I am wearing cat body suit that covers my paws.
My charm point is my loooong tail!
I decorated my kigurumi head with a cute ribbon that matches my dress perfectly!
My hair style is a platinum white straight long hair.
My eye color is silver, and everyone says my eyes are perfectly match hair color and beautiful!

[ Skin Type ] Fair
[ Make-up ] Eye shadow- light beige, Lip- pink, Blush- pink
[ Eye Color] Silver grey (gazing towards the right)
[ Hair Color] Platinum white
[ Earrings ] No earrings
[ The set includes: ] Doll, body suit, kigurumi head, kigurumi dress, kigurumi, and stand.*The doll is wearing a white body suit under kigurumi to avoid color staining.

Date Available: March 27, 2008
Price: 2,940 yen 


PBL-88 Little Retro Mama


The popular Neo Blythe "Mrs. Retro Mama" has returned as the pocket sized Petite Blythe "Little Retro Mama"!
The newlywed "Little Retro Mama" never forgets to dress up even when she is doing chores.
She wears lovely flower printed dress with white Japanese-style apron.
There is a ribbon at the back of the apron so she looks more adorable!
She wears a babushka on her head to complete her look.
Her hair style is a vivid yellow, wavy hair.
Her skin texture is translucent matte inspired by Neo Blythe "Mrs. Retro Mama"!

[ Skin Type ] Translucent matte
[ Make-up ] Eye shadow- light green, Lip- pink, Blush- pink
[ Eye Color] Light green (gazing towards the left)
[ Hair Color] Yellow
[ Earrings ] No earrings
[ The set includes: ] Doll, dress, Japanese-style apron, babushka, shoes, and stand.

Date Available: March 27, 2009
Price: 3,150 yen

Июнь 2009

CWC Limited Edition: Fashion Obsession Jill (Blythe 8th Anniversary Doll) 



Jill wants to be a fashion designer, and she looks forward to going to the charity fashion show.
"It is like a dream to enjoy fashion while helping people at the same time!
The charity fashion show will inspire my future collection!"
Jill visualizes her dream everyday.
She wears chic monotone clothes and accessories.
Her dress has a frill at the bottom of the skirt and bodice, and she wears a big beret with the dress for a little spicy accent.
When she changes her beret to a headband with ribbons, her look changes from night-time chic to day-time cute!
The black lace-up boots and a shoulder bag with a gold chain are a must for going out.
Her hair color is blonde, the same color as Neo Blythe Jenna, and her eye color is light blue.
She wears gold pearl glitters on her eyelids.

[ Skin Type ] Natural
[ Make-up ] Eye shadow- brown, Lip- pink, Blush- pink
[ Eye Color] Blue (gazing towards center)
[ Hair Color] Blonde
[ Earrings ] 1 set
[ The set includes: ] Doll, dress, hat, headband, bag, earrings, shoes and stand.

Price: 3,990 yen
Scheduled release date: July 2009
Limited Edition of 3000 dolls  >>>

Ноябрь 2009

CWC Exclusive: Secret Midnight Tea Party



CWC Exclusive Petite Blythe, "Secret Midnight Tea Party" is a collaboration with "Queen of Hearts' TEA TIME", the Grand-Prix winner in the 'Petite Beauty Category' of the 3rd Annual Blythe Beauty Contest 2008.
Her winning entry had three dolls with a Little Lodge showcasing a queen.
This centerpiece was taken and enhancing her charm and atmosphere, developed into this limited edition Petite Blythe.
At midnight, the portal between yesterday and tomorrow, you will see a glimpse of castle of Queen of Heart.
There, the Queen holds a secret tea party, inviting only certain special guests.
Surrounded by candy and lovely flowers, you will stay as a girl, eternal. Let’s hold another secret tea party tonight!
"Secret Midnight Tea Party" wears a sweet yet mature long gown in light-pink and wine-red.
A stand-up collar and over-skirt is trimmed with sophisticated black lace.
Cute prints of hearts, a tea set, and a clock pointing to midnight illustrate the under and over-skirts.
Wine red lace-up boots and a black tiara complete this noble style fit for a Queen.
Slightly orange pale-pink hair is banged and long with curls at the end.
Pink eye-shadow, cheek and lip make-up add subtle glamour on her fair skin.
The brown mole by her eye makes her stand out from the rest.
Would you like to join the secret tea party?
The invitation card is included in a package.

[ Skin Type ] Fair Skin *one tone lighter than the usual fair skin
[ Make-up ] Eye Shadow: Pink / Lip: Pink / Cheek: pink
[ Eye lid ] Pink
[ Eye Color ] Light Brown (glancing to the right)
[ White of the Eye ] Vintage Type
[ Hair Color ] Light Salmon Pink
[ Earring ] None
[ The set includes ] Doll, Tiara, Satin Ribbon for tiara, Dress, Boots, Invitation Card and Stand.

Suggested Retail Price: 3,675yen
Limited Edition of 3,000 dolls 


CWC Exclusive: Pure Punthic (MIELE DOLCE x CWC collaboration doll)



My favorite band's gonna play in Paris!
That's why I'm going over there!
What should I wear for the gig?
Well, after listening to my pure heart, I'm going Punthic style!
Pure, Punk and Gothic: "Pure Punthic"
I love it!
The Blythe customizing team, MIELE DOLCE, won the 'Miss Popularity' prize at the 1st Blythe Beauty Contest in 2006.
From 2007, they started participating in the annual charity fashion shows and 'Variety Fair' which is held regularly at Junie Moon.
They are influential among the doll fans these days.
Five artists of MIELE DOLCE worked together on the concept of 'Sweet Poison.'
Although it was originally designed to be a dress set for Neo Blythe, it became a Petite Blythe.
For the fans who love MIELE DOLCE's creative work, you get two qualities, cute and cool.
"Pure Punthic" features a chic black dress seamed at waist, plenty of lovely purple lace.
She is cool with a white rider's jacket and a black hat.
She has purple straight long hair parted on the left with a stunning side cut, known as 'Hime-cut' in Japan.
You've never seen this distinctive make-up before.
It features thick upward slanting eye-lines and feminine full lips.
Take her out to a gig!

[ Skin Type ] Fair Skin
[ Make-up ] Eye Line: Dark Brown / Lip: Smoky Pink / Cheek: Pink
[ Eye lid ] Reddish Brown
[ Eye Color ] Bluish Green (glancing to the center)
[ Hair Color ] Wine Red
[ Earring ] None
[ The set includes ] Doll, Dress, Jacket, Hat, Boots, and Stand.

Suggested Retail Price: 3,990yen (Tax Included)
Limited Edition of 3,000 dolls 



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