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Petite Blythe 2010


Май 2010

 CWC Exclusive:muchacha zukin



CWC Exclusive Petite Blythe "muchacha zukin"

Collaboration Petite Blythe with the popular kids clothing brand "muchacha"!
A little bitty "muchacha zukin" lives in a happy forest called "muchacha."
She has a mysterious powers to bring happiness to those who seek it.
She will give you a little bitty happiness to you, too!
"muchacha zukin" wears a felt bluish green top inspired by leaves, with a yellow skirt with a muchacha's signature basket print on it.
Her "zukin" (hood) is made of a green felt, and a lot of cute red flower are sew on it.
The flowers are double-layered with green leaves at the bottom to give a depth.
She ties the satin ribbon under her chin to wear the hood.
Her bag has a red flower on it, too and perfectly matches the hood!
There is a four-leaf clover print on her underwear and it is her lucky charm.
Her long boots are bluish green, with red soles and heals and white strings.
Her hair style is a two-tone long hair with bangs that reaches to her hips.
The sides are cut around the chin.
The hair color is red outside and light brown inside.
Her skin type is translucent like Petite Blythe "Little Retro Mama."
Her makeup is a yellowish green eye shadow with orange lips and blush.
The stand is yellow green, and the stool is gold.

[ Skin Type ] Translucent like Little Retro Mama
[ Make-up ] Eye shadow- yellowish green, Lips- orange, Blush- orange
[ Eye Color] Blue green (gazing towards the right)
[ Hair Color] Two-tone (red and light brown)
[ The set includes: ] Doll, no sleeve top, skirt, "zukin (hood)," bag, boots, and stand.

Release date: May 2010
Suggested retail price: 5,250 yen
Limited edition of 3000 dolls  >>>


Июнь 2010

CWC Exclusive: Tora Unpappa




CWC Exclusive Anniversary Petite Blythe "Tora Unpappa"

Unpappa, Unpappa, here we go!
"My little trumpet makes a loud toot!
It's not only for music but has a special purpose.
When in trouble, my trumpet gives a roar and help is on the way.
Not just any help but superhero help!
That's right, I am little tiger with a trumpet to save the day!"
Her fashion is a cute magenta dress with pink tiger animal hat and bolero.
The dress has a light pink musical notes print.
Her hat and bolero have a tiger pattern embroidery.
Her hat also has a cute musical note earring and pink ribbon on the ears!
Her trumpet has a special power!
When she toots, super heroes with a special healing powers will come right away!
She holds it on her shoulder with a pink satin string.
Her hair style is a light brown curly hair with bangs.
Her eye color is light brown and eyes are gazing toward center.
Her makeup is a light brown eye shadow with pink lips and blush.
The stand is magenta with a gold stool.
Please look forward the final design!

[ Skin Type ] Fair
[ Make-up ] Eye shadow- light brown, Lips- pink, Blush- pink
[ Eye Color] Light brown (gazing towards the center)
[ Hair Color] Brown
[ The set includes: ] Doll, dress hat, bolero, ribbon, boots, trumpet, and stand.

Suggested retail price: 5,250 yen
Limited edition of 3000 dolls  >>>


Сентябрь 2010

CWC Exclusive: Red Apple




CWC Exclusive Petite Blythe "Red Apple"

When the prince came to rescue me, he kissed me on the cheek, and I blushed like a red apple. From that moment on we have been living together happily. I won't forget my seven dearest little friends that spent time with me in the forest. Pleased to meet you, my name is Red Apple.
Her shiny long blonde hair set in long ringlets, is complimented with a long pink dress, perfect for a princess. The over dress is a sweet pink satin finish. The bodice and sleeves are decorate with tiny, delicate lace and it is topped off with a blue satin ribbon and pink pearlescent beads. The over dress has a lovely split opening in the front to reveal a rosy pink under skirt with large frills and white lace.
Get wrapped up in her gorgeous princess style with the details on this Petite Blythe. Pleats, frills, lace and more!
Her boots are also in baby pink with lovely baby blue printed laces.
Her hair color is blonde.
Her hair is parted in the center and her long ringlets fall at her hip line, and is groomed with a big rose colored ribbon headband.
The skin type is one tone lighter then a standard skin type.
Her has special lavender eye color. Her eye shadow is citrus yellow and her lips and cheeks are pink.

[ Skin Type ] Fair skin
[ Eye Color ] Lavendar blue *Special new color.
[ Eye Shadow ] citrus yellow, Lip: pink, Cheek: pink
[ Hair Color ] blonde
[ Set Details ] doll, one piece, hair band, boots, stand

Price: 5,250yen (tax included)
Release date: 2010 September
Limited to 3000 dolls  >>>


Декабрь 2010

CWC Exclusive: Baby Buttercup




CWC Exclusive Petite Blythe “Baby Buttercup”

A new Petite Blythe "Baby Buttercup" is a collaboration Petite Blythe with the CWC Original Blythe Artist, Saki Yamashita, also known as CHERRY MERRY MUFFIN!

* * * * * * * * * *
"I have been invited to a tea party today. My best friend is baking the yummiest vanilla cupcakes and serving beautiful caramel milk tea.
I'm so happy to see her again!
We love all the same things, especially each other!
* * * * * * * * * *

Baby Buttercup wears a pink long sleeve shirt trimmed with sweet lace and ribbon.
On the blouse, She chooses a light blue dress with small pink polka dots.
The dress has a little lace on the neck and double frills at the bottom for the cute accent.
The frills are made with the matching pink cotton fabric with the blouse inside.
An organdy apron is made in the signature "CHERRY MERRY MUFFIN" style.
When she goes out, she always carries her colorful basket decorated with flowers and ribbon.
Inside of the basket is lined with a pink fabric.
The brown strap shoes are a perfect match for the Baby Buttercup's lovely style, and they are a brand new mold!
Her hair is a wavy long hair with bangs, and the hair color is same dark brown as Baby's Breath.
The hair style is very unique. A sweet bun pulls up the sides of her hair while the back is long and lovely.
Her cute bangs and hime cut sides frame her face so cutely!
A big stripe bow cutely ties the hair.
The sides are cut around the chin.
Her skin color is Natural, and makeup is a green eye shadow with pink blush and lips.
Her eyelids are a little darker then her skin tone to make her look like a Vintage Blythe.
Her eyelashes are a bit longer than the stock for more expressive eyes.
Her eye color is a gradation of light blue.
The stand is orangy pink, and the bar is gold.

[ Skin Type ] Natural Skin
[ Make-up ] Eye shadow- green, Lips- smoky pink, Blush- pink
[ Eyelids ] One tone darker than the skin color
[ Eye Color] Light blue (New color / gazing towards the left)
[ Hair Color] Brown
[ The set includes: ] Doll, blouse, dress, apron, bag, bow, shoes and stand.
Suggested retail price: 5,250 yen
Limited edition of 3000 dolls  >>>


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