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Petite Blythe 2011


Май 2011

CWC Limited Edition Anniversary Petite Blythe "Birthday Party Surprise"

Birthday Party Surprise1.jpg

Birthday Party Surprise2.jpg

Birthday Party Surprise3.jpg

Birthday Party Surprise is wearing a unique hat in the shape of gift box. She chose the coat-style dress for the big 10th anniversary party!
The coat is diamond-patterned dress with an A-line silhouette. The gold buttons and pink ribbon at the neck adds a festive mood to her coordination. The coat has a light brown collar and pocket made out of felt. There is lovely delicate lace around the collar and cuffs.

Her gift box shaped hat is pale pink made out of satin, and the brim is the same fabric as her coat. The bow on her hat is the signature motif for all of the 10th anniversary dolls. Her brown lace-up boots are painted with gold around the lacing.
Her hair long hair reaches to her feet with sweet bangs in a pinkish-brown color.

Her eyeshadow is opalescent yellow-beige and her blush and lips are in cherry pink.
She has special long eyelashes that make a lovely wide-eyed expression.
She has a natural skin tone.

[Skin Type] Natural
[Make-up] Eye-shadow: Yellow Beige. Lips and Blushes: Cherry Pink
[Eyelid] Opalescent Yellow Beige,
[Eye Lashes] Special long lashes
[Eye Color] Light Blue (New color/Looking Right)
[Hair Color] Pinkish Cinnamon Brown
[Earrings] Not included
Set include: Doll, coat (dress type), hat, bloomers, boots, and doll stand

Release date: 2011 June
Price: 3990 yen (tax included)
*Price has been changed from the last announcement.
Limited edition of 3000 dolls >>>