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Коллекционные карты Блайз



До марта 2008 года включительно к почти каждой кукле Блайз помимо наряда и подставки прилагалась коллекционная карта. Такие карты бывают двух видов:

Буквы - на лицевой стороне фотография куклы Блайз (чаще совсем не той, к которой прилагается данная карта) и буква английского алфавита. На оборотной - текст, раскрывающий нам значение буквы. Например, карта с буквой от Dainty Biscuit.


Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/moonrouge/3903369294/in/pool-blythecollectorcards


Карты - на рубашке также фотография куклы Блайз, на лице - масть и достоинство карты, небольшая анкетка куклы, из которой мы можем узнать любимые цвет, число, животное и хобби. А также послание. Карта Rouge Noir.

rn_w.jpgPhoto credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/moonrouge/3903377192/in/pool-blythecollectorcards

Первая кукла с картой - All gold in One, она туз пик. Следующая - у Kozy Cape (туз бубей). Начиная с первой юбилейной куклы Miss Anniversary карты и буквы прикладывали почти к каждой кукле. Всё закончилось на  Natasha Moore, у неё буква "Z". Видимо, у производителя наступил кризис идей )) Хотя могли бы перейти на числа, мы бы не обиделись. Карт у нас с Инри немало, но многие отсуствуют. Если они есть у вас, то присылайте фото (лучше сканы конечно) или хотя бы описание, будем пополнять базу блайзо-знаний. Почти все описания есть у Fleur, но увы-увы они на японском. В каталоге описания к куклам начинаются с Roxy Baby, по той причине того, что более давние отсуствуют на официальном сайте. (UPD: после смены дизайна оф сайта, там вообще ничего о куклах старых выпусков) Так что карты с буквами - наша единственная возможность узнать побольше о многих куклах. Заглянуть в их маленький волшебный мир.

UPD: Обещают специальную коллекционную карту к Дорогой ЛеЛе :)




2♠  Birdie Blue

037.jpgBBcard.jpgBirthday - July 20, 2004
Favorite Color - Birdie Blue
Favorite Animal - Bluebird of Hapiness
Hobby - Baking chocolate chip cookies


"Did you know that the bluebird brings you baskets full of happiness? I should know! I had some delivered just last week. And guess what! A nice surprise was also included. 10 wonderful pieces of delicious chocolate chip cookies. Yummy!"


3♠  Groovy Groove


GG.jpgBirthday - October 9, 2004
Favotite color - Mushroom Beige
Favotite Character - Dakko Chan
Hobby - Mushroom Hunting

"Do you like mushrooms? I really do! I go on mushroom hunts in the autumn with my favorite character Dakko chan hanging onto my arm. He keeps me company as I search the forest for muchrooms to make amazing soup. Careful! I might stumble upon a fairy living in mushroom home."

За скан карты спасибо Dragonfly!


0037.jpg4  Inspired by Pinafore Purple


5♠  Paradis by Mono Comme Ca


mcc.jpgFavotite color - Red
Favorite Number - 5
Favotite Animal - Toy Poodle
Hobby - Scuba Diving



"It's a lovely day for the beach. How should I dress? Ib the cutest straw hat around and my laced up sandals! Tu aimeries un chapeau comme ça? comme ça!"

За скан карты огромное спасибо ola!

0042.jpg6♠  Good Neighbor Cafe  


8♠  Merry Skier   Merry Skier

0051.jpgMScard.jpgBirthday - Dec/ 20, 2005
Favorite Color - Red and White (like candy canes!)
Favorite Animal - Snow Bunnies
Hobby - Skiing figure eights

"I was born in snowy Aspen, five days before Christmas. I received my first set of skis when I was three years old and have been skiing ever since! Even with long skis I can do figure eights. My dream is to enter the Olympics and win a gold medal."

9♠  Lounging Lovely   Lounging Lovely

Миниатюра изображения для 0027.jpgLL_card.jpgFavorite Color - Fluffy Pink
Favorite number - 2004
Favorite Animal - Pink Poodle
Hobby - Lounging around

I am just lounging around at home tonight.
After a nice hot bath maybe I'll listen some music
on my LP player and paint my toenails pink.
I feel so relaxed and comfortable.

За карту спасибо Kusik'у!

10♠  Rouge Noir  Evening Out Blythe

0008.jpgRNcard.jpgFavorite Color - Satin Black
Favorite number - 99
Favorite Animal - Mink
Hobby - Wine Testing

"A little rouge on my cheeks, some lip gloss and mascara to accent my eyes and I am ready
to be picked up for the dinner party tonight.
An elegant evening of candle light and music
is waiting for me and my special date."

J♠   Tweedly Do

044.jpgTWD.jpgBirthday - January 1, 2005
Favorite Color - Tweedly Brown
Favorite Animal - Brown Toy Poodle
Hobby - Hop Scotch


"I spend my days off in the city decked out in my best tweeds. I have to meet my date at 2:00 so I had better hop scouth and jump along! I wonder where he's taking me tonight for dinner? French or Italian?" 

K♠  Pow Wow Poncho  Pow Wow Blythe

0021.jpgPWP card.jpgFavorite Color - Earthy Brown
Favorite number - 16
Favorite Animal - Buffalo
Hobby - Hunting for Herbs

"I am very inspired today by the white fluffy clouds above. I think I will go for a walk into the woods to hunt for some herbs to use for cooking tonight. I am going to prepare a meal over the campfire and watch the sky fill up with stars. Twinkle twinlke."

За скан карты спасибо Аматэрасу =)

A  All gold in one

005.jpgagio_card.jpgFavorite Color - blue
Lucky number - 11
Favorite Animal - Ferret
Hobby - chatting on the phone


"Remember phone booths? With all the cell phone around, they're becoming extinct. When I visited London I came across this old-style booth. It's great, isn't it?"





 2♣  French Trench  French Trench Blythe

0028.jpgFavorite Color - Moss Green
Favorite number - 110
Favorite Animal - Miniature Chihuahua
Hobby - Reading Mystery Novels

"Who did it? Was it the maid in the living room
with the candlestick? Was it the professor
in the kitchen with a knife?
I love to guess the ending in the mystery novels
that I read. I usually get it right half the time.
It's fun to guess!"

3♣  Fancy Pansy   Yellow Pansy Blythe

024.jpgFS.jpgFavorite Color - Pansy Yellow
Favorite number - 3
Favorite Animal - Yellow Bee
Hobby - Making Bouquets


 "The bright yellow sun feels warm on my face as I stroll my garden. I will pick some yellow pansies to make a bouquet to bring to my best friens birthday party this afternon. I hope she likes it!"

4♣  Samedi Marche and Samedi Marche Encore

0032.jpgМиниатюра изображения для 0045.jpgBirthday - September 19, 2004
Favorite Color - Apple Red
Favorite Animal - Dove
Hobby - Going to open market


SMcard.jpg"Every week on Saturday I go to the open market.
The farmers bring their freshy harvested crop to
town and it's a colorful celebration of fruit and
vegetables on display. Sometimes I challenge myself
to buy something unusual for our family supper.
But the most fun is chatting with the sellers and
learning new recipes to try out!
I love to open market!"

5♣  Tea For Two and Tea For Two Encore  Hot Cross Buns Blythe

0012.jpg0054.jpgtea_for_two_card.jpgFavorite Color - Golden Brown
Favorite number - 101
Favorite Animal - Mouse
Hobby - Baking

"Hot cross buns for two with a serving of a cup of nice hot tea! I can smell the freshy baked bread from the corner bakery. Buy a few loaves to take home to enjoy with my afternoon tea."

За карту спасибо Kusik'у!


6♣  Cherry Berry and Very Cherry Berry  Cherry Grove Blythe

0010.jpg0019.jpgCherry_berry_card.jpgFavorite Color - Cherry Red
Favorite number - 66
Favorite Animal - chipmunk
Hobby - doing the watusi


"I've got so much energy today! I want to go
running and skipping through the park and
invite everyone around to follow me. Before
you know it we will be a dancing and singing
parade! yeah baby!"


7♣ Bohemian Beat   Mystical Magical Blythe


BB.jpgFavorite Color - lavender
Favorite number - 7777
Favorite Animal - butterfly
Hobby - Crystals


 "It's a gorgeous day again. I can walk around the garden forever smelling the flowers around me. Nature awakens the spirit inside me it's bursting to be free. Life is beautiful."


8♣   V Smash  V Smash Blythe

0039.jpgVSM.jpgBirthday - March 20, 2006
Favorite Color - Yellow
Favorite Sport - Tennis
Favorite Drink - Cappucino

"Smash! Watch out! My overhead serve is
strong and powerful. I was on the varsity
tennis team in high school and played a lot
of matches. Won a few, lost a few but it
was all a lot of fun!"

9♣  White Magic Morning, White Magic Afternoon, White Magic Night  White Magic 

whitemagic.jpg Birthday - November 11, 2005
Favorite Color - sheer white
Favorite Animal - Songbird
hobby - potpourri making


WM.jpg"I heard the songbird singing in the forest early this morning.
I think it was a chickadee. How can a bird sing so sweetly?
I want to find it and make her my friend. Come here my little
chickadee, where are you?"


10 ♣  Happy Everyday/Over the Stripes




J♣   Black Berry Bush  Black Berry Bush

0053.jpgBirthday - March 30, 2006
Favorite Color - Black and Red
Favorite Animal - Big Bad Wolfy
Hobby - Picking Black berries off the bush

"My poor grandma is not well. So I have to
visit her and cheer her up. But on the way,
some unexpected trouble. But not to worry,
I am a strong and sensible child. I know
how to avoid problems and more than that
I know how to solve them, Shame on you who pick on the week! Think love and peace.
It's much better that way."

K♣  Margaret meets Ladybug

046.jpg Margaret_card.jpgBirthday - March 24, 2004
Favorite Color - Sky Blue
Favorite Animal - Bear in the Woods
Hobby - Baking Bread

"On really hot mornings, I like to go on a picnic and bring my freashy baked bread. Today, I'm going with my friend, Ladybug. We're going to make a flower wreath with Margaret's flowers and have a tea party. A wonderful day is just beginning!"


A♣  Velvet Minuet  Tokki Blythe

0022.jpgFavorite Color - Off White
Favorite number - 3
Favorite Animal - Pink Rabbit
Hobby - Playing the Violin

I am friend from Seoul, Korea. Let's get
together for a little mini concert. I'll play
the violin. Can you play the cello? We make
a beautiful ensemble!


 cards_d.jpg 2♦  Fruit Punch  Fruit Punch Blythe

0018.jpgfp_card.jpgFavorite Color - Orange yellow
Favorite number - 868
Favorite Animal - Bumble bee
Hobby - Eating lollipops

*The sky is perfect blue and my heart glows
in the bright sunshine. I am so happy today
becouse I am going to see my best friend and
we are gong to spend the whole day in the
park chatting about everything! Would you
like a lollipop?*

3♦  Silver Snow  Fairy Girl Blythe

0023.jpgss_card.jpgFavorite Color - Silver
Favorite number - 21
Favorite Animal - Dragonfly
Hobby - Making flower wreath for hair

"I love to listen to music and talk on phone
like all girls my age. But I have a special
secret. I come from a wonderland of magic and
charm. I am really a fairy that can make your
wishes come true."

4♦  Roxy Baby  Roxy Baby Blythe

049.jpgRB.jpgBirthday - June 12, 2005
Favorite Color - Pink
Favorite Sports - Surfing, snow boarding, skateboarding


"I'm from sunny California and a lover of extreme sports. I travel the world to surf the sea and snow! It's invigorating to be one with nature. Let's go! Surf's up!"

0011.jpg5♦  Excellent Hollywood



048.jpg6♦  Candy Carnival


8♦  Sunday Very Best  Sunday Best Blythe

0024.jpgFavorite Color - Pure white
Favorite number - 3
Favorite Animal - teddy bear
Hobby - gospel singing

"It's Sunday. Time to stop and think.
I am so thankful for everything! Thank you,
thank you, thank you. I promise to be good.
Will you do the same?"

9♦  Rendez-vous Chouchou

055.jpgrcc_card.jpgBirthday - November 25, 2005
Favorite Color - Sax Blue
Favorite Animal - Poodle
Hobby - A walk with poodle


I have a rendevous with my chou chou today. Chou chou means "my favorite" in French and it's also the name of my sweet darling poodle. And what is more precious to me than my Chou Chou? Well perhaps a walk through Paris by the Eiffel Tower with my other best friend. YOU!


10♦  Dicso Boogie  Disco Blythe

0013.jpgDBcard.jpgFavorite Color - Mystery Blue
Favorite number - 12
Favorite Animal - Peacock
Hobby - Boogie Woogie

"I'm ready to boogie tonight!
Put on my sassiest threads and extra mascara
to meet my girlfriens for a fun time out!
Move to the music and watch me swing! Wheeeee!"

J♦  Tommy february6 Blythe

052.jpgtommy_card.jpgBirthday - February 6, 2005
Favorite Color - Pink, lavender and peppermint
Favorite Animal - All cats for their beauty
Hobby - Poetry and consultation on love

"Never a dull moment with this special gal. She can turn every date into the ultinate event. And her fashion statement is always cool. The moment is captured, in color, shape and attitude. She is the IT girl. Tommy february is uor favorite muse. Let her into your life and make it exciting!"



K♦ Art Attack

Миниатюра изображения для 038.jpg AAcard.jpgBirthday - June 14, 2004
Favorite Color - Shocking Pink
Favorite Animal - Panther
Hobby - Pop Art


"Let's Go! Dressing up is fun when you have the accessories to go with each outfit. I always wear a different pair of sunglasses for attitude or shall I say, art-titude? Now I am ready to go to the art opening at the new mofern art gallery in  the city. Art Attack!"



AKozy Kape


Favorite color - black
Lucky number - 7
Favorite animal - monkey
Hobby - Bodysurfing in Puerto Rico


"I love Puerto Rico!! It's one of my favorite place to visit. Last time I went I tried a drink called guanabana shake. It was delicious!!"


За карту спасибо Kusik'у!






2♥  Mademoiselle Rosebud  Mlle Rose Bud

0031.jpg mr_card.jpgBirthday - August 26, 2004
Favorite Color - Lavender Pink
Favorite Animal - Peacock
Hobby - Classical Piano


"Bonjour! I am going to a symphony in an elegant dress.
The classical pianist is from France
and a dear friend of mine. She used to acconpany
my violin solos when we were in school.
I can't wait to meet her after the concert
to chat about old times. Friend Forever!"

3♥  Picadilly and Picadilly Encore  Piccadilly Blythe


piccacard.jpgFavorite Color - Red, White and Blue
Favorite number - 33
Favorite Animal - pigeon
Hobby - Bass Guitar

I'll be playing with my band at a gig near
Piccadilly Circus next week. Won't you come
and dance to my beat? I want to introduce you
to all my best friends in London! Cool.....


0015.jpg4♥  Courtney Tez by NIKE



5♥  Love Mission  Kuen Kuen Blythe


LMcard.jpgFavorite Color - Very Red
Favorite number - 007
Favorite Animal - Dragon
Hobby - Hide and Seek

"I am police officer by day protecting
soiety from danger. At night I become gorgeous
and mysterious as I seek my mission for LOVE.
Call me Kuen Kuen. Nice to meet you!"

6  Bohemian Beats Again   Rhythm Blythe


Favorite Color - Sienna
Favorite number - 77777
Favorite Animal - dragonfly
Hobby - Drums

"I am dancing to a new beat.
Snapping my fingers to the beat of drums,
and singing out load. Music is a treasure that fills my heart with joy!" 


0004.jpg7  Bohemian Beat


8♥  Skate Date и Superior Slate Date  Blythe on Ice


0020.jpgFavorite Color - Frosty White
Favorite number - 21
Favorite Animal - Penguin
Hobby - Ice Skating


"I feel happy and free gliding on ice in the rink
at Rockefeller Center. Let's have some hot chocolate
later and talk about our holiday plans. Cheers!"

0043.jpg9♥  Cinema Princess


10♥  Cinnamon Girl  Sunny Blythe

016.jpgCG.jpgFavorite Color - Light Bronze
Favorite number - 623
Favorite Animal - dolphin
Hobby - sunning the sunshine


"I just enjoy sitting on the beach watching the waves come in and go out. The sun feels so good on my skin. But I am very careful about careful about getting too tanned! SPF 25 give me the right color!"

J♥  Mitten  Mitten by Blythe

Миниатюра изображения для 042.jpg mitten_card.jpgBirthday - November 11, 2004
Favourite Color - Pastel Pink
Favourite Animal - Dog
Hobby - Going to the cinema with Mom


ЗДРАВСТВУЙТЕ! (Zdravstvuite! = Hello!)
I absolutely love going to the movies. Every weekend my mom and I go the local theater together. Wee see so many movies. My two favourite movie directors are Roman Kachanov and Jack Demy. Their movies make my heart sparkle. The walls in my house are covered with my favourite КИНО АФИША (kino afisha = movie posters). If I really like a movie that my mom and I see, we buy the poster right away. We sit down with a cup of tea and admire the poster and talk about all kinds of things. Recently our conversations have mostly been about the newest member of the household, our puppy dog."

 За  карту огромное-преогромное  спасибо nadinkot   =)



0003.jpgQ♥  Miss Anniversary


K♥  Lil Heart Blythe

043.jpg lilh_card.jpgBirthday - Dec 2, 2004
Favourite Color - Baby Pink
Favourite Animal - Dalmation
Hobby - Shopping


"My mother is a fashion journalist. She always knows the latest fashion. On top of that, she is very beautiful. In a little bit, I'm going to go see a fashion show with my mom in Paris. What should I wear ...?"

A♥  I Love You It's True

0025.jpgilyit_card.jpgFavorite Color - Romantic Blue
Favorite number - 16
Favorite Animal - Poodle
Hobby - Writing love letters

This is what he wrote is his cart. "This rose is pink. That pansy is blue. What did you think? I love you it's true." Yes! Be loves me forever and ever we will be happy together. What shall I give him back in return for this wonderful
confession of love?

Joker Asian Butterfly and Asian Butterfly Encore  Solitaire Blythe

0083.jpgABcard.jpgFavorite Color - Crimson Blue
Favorite number - 8
Favorite Animal - Dragon
Hobby - Shamisen

I like to wake up at dawn and strum my
shamisen as the sun rises over the majeastic
mountains! Here comes the lucky dragon
bringing prosperity to all!" 






0055.jpgA :  Rosie Red Encore 

A is for Rosie Red's APPLE red lips. A delicous and sweet kiss waits for someone special.



0058.jpgB :  Honey Bunny Once More 

B is for our cuddly pink friend Honey BUNNY. Hug her and feel the warm soft fur on your cheeks.





0056.jpgC :  Strawberry Mille-feuille




0057.jpgD :  Night Flower





0059.jpgE :  Darling Diva

E is for Entertainer at heart, the Darling Diva that sings and dances to the sweet tunes of love. A standing ovation for the ultimate performer. Encore!


0061.jpgF :  Last Kiss

My love for you is deeper than the deepest sea, wider than the universe. Our love will last FOREVER, even after our Last and Final Kiss. F is forever, you and I in love.



0062.jpgG :  Star Dancer

G is for the GENTLE Star Dancer in in her handmade shawl and cap. She strolls the trails in the forest and to pick plants to dye her yarns. Her favourite colors are always earthy and rich like burgundy and brown.


0063.jpgH : Yuki no Namidahime

H is for "HITOMI" the pupil of her eye. It glistens like the snow and reflects her feelings inside. Clionetti, her best friend's embrace can not keep the tears from falling, as she cries and she cries.



0064.jpgI :  Ichigo Heaven

Time to bike a cake for special birthday. I is dor ICHIGO, sweet and delicious strawberries. On the cake I will place fif teen candies to celebrate! Come and let me serve you a big piece of strawberry cake and some tea.



0065.jpgJ : Feel the Sky

Jet lag is never the case with me. I can get on a flight and feel the sky beneath the wings! Get of the plane and be off the center of the city for a shopping spree and tea. I love it. This is the life foe me.



0066.jpgK : Ultimate Tour  

Keep your dream and will power. Keep the kindness in your heart. Love her and protect her. Never to depart.





0067.jpgL : Tailor Gibson 

L is for Tailor Gibson’s Love of the craft, she can sew almost anything. Not only does she tailor clothes, She designs them, too. If you are looking for something special to wear, she might be the one to turn to. Let her style you.


За скан карты большое спасибо ЕкатериреII!



М :  Rainy Day Parade

M is for "I MUST have an umbrella on a rainy day". I can hear the petter patter of the raindrops as I jump in the puddles and play. More fun even on a rainy day.





0069.jpgN :  Gentle River 

N is for NATURE where Gentle River and her woodland friends live happily in their Gingerbread house.






0070.jpgO :  My best Friend

O is for “Olivia”, my best friend and pet puppy. We go everywhere together, shopping,traveling and she even comes with me on my dates! We are inseparable!


0071.jpgP :  Save the Animal

P is for the “precious” animals that live on this earth. Let’s learn about how we can take care of them! To start let’s go on a safari and see them in their habitat!



0072.jpgQ :  Hello Harvest 

Q is for the Quiet countryside where Hello Harvest resides. She walks through the woods and sits by the riverside breathing in the clean crisp air. Let’s enjoy the lifestyle of health and sustainability!




0074.jpgR :  Dainty Biscuit 

R is for the rainbow in the sky as I daintily stroll through the park on my way to a tea and biscuit party. A little drizzle of rain on a sunny day brought us a multi colored gift frome above.



0073.jpgS :  Cloud 9 Bowl

S is for Strike! Bowling is a fun especially with the right outfit on. Let's all go to the "Cloud Nine" bowling alley and play a game. It's all in the wrist. Strike Again!




T :  Mrs. Retro Mama

T is for "Today", again another busy day for Mrs. Retro Mama. Cooking and cleaning gets done properly before stepping out for a shopping date to the department store. A stop at the coffee shop for a chat in the afternoon, "Taday" was another memerable day.


0076.jpgU :  Enchanted Petal

U for "Utopia". In the land of peace and love there is a fairy named Enchanted Petal. If you are lucky enough to see her even for a moment, your life will be blessed with happyness and joy. She is often seen dancing in the flower fields to take good long look.




0077.jpgV :  Angeliga Eve

V is for the Virtuous Angelica Eve. She will surround us with love and goodness and keep us safe in this world. Hold her close and surrender your heart to her and become pure.




0079.jpgW :  Mod Molly

W is for the “whimsical” Mod Molly. She is as cute as a “wink”! You’ll love her outfit, too! She is a “winner”!





0078.jpgX :  Odekake Kimono Musume 

 X is for the "Xylophone" recital I will attend taday. My friend will play a medley of classical Japanese folksongs at the concert. That's why I am dressed up in my special Kimono today.

okm_l.jpgЗа скан карты огромное спасибо Mad Mädchen



Y:  Welcome Winter

Welcome Winter is for Yesterday, When The winters were longer, and the snow fell harder. Let’s appreciate the seasons and welcome winter with a smile.




0081.jpgZ :  Natasha Moore

Z is for the zest in the life of Natasha Moore. Her job as a secret agent keeps her life exciting and full of thrills. A spy’s job is one of mystery. The spy is Natasha.







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