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Elegant Ellie (ElEl)


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Дата выпуска: 27 сентября 2019г.
Цена: ¥25,500 yen ebay
Тип выпуска: лимитированный, Hasbro Exclusive.
Молд: RBL Renew
Тип тела:
Тон кожи: tanned translucent latte
Волосы: сине-зеленые.
Чипы: светло-карие (прямо /special), синие (вправо), зеленые ( прямо), светло-синие (влево/special).
Макияж: коричневые тени и веки, на веках коричневая подводка, розовый цвет румян и ярко-розовый губ.
Особенности: темно-коричневые ресницы, розовый лак, серьги, уголки губ не заполнены цветом, стрелки.
Колечко: стандартное.
Аутфит: платье, дополнительная юбка, пальто, украшение на волосы, перчатки, чулки, туфли, ожерелье, сумочка, нижнее белье.
В комплекте подставка.

Название релиза (японск.) -  エレガントエリー

Официальное описание:

Tonight is our night! Hasbro Exclusive Neo Blythe Elegant Ellie coming soon!

I recommend watching Dreamy Eyes, starring Lucy! She’s an amazingly talented actress and my best friend, who I have supported from the very beginning.
I can’t wait for the premier tonight, it’s going to be such a hit. Congratulations Lucy!
The charming and lovable Lucy and her capable and excellent manager Ellie are the hit of their premiere.
Ellie wears a satin full body dress covered in a flowery print which can be arranged in two different ways for a change in style. Keep it tight for a more mature look or add the skirt for a flowing, wide silhouette!
The coat is made with navy shantung, made to softly envelope the silhouette of the skirt. The lining is made with the same material of the dress.
Accessories include a pink accented rhinestone earring and a bead necklace, as well as a pair of long gloves, gold lame stockings and high heels to round out her formal look.

Her face color is a tanned translucent late.
 Her face type is Radiance Renew.
 Her hair is a vibrant blue green which goes well with her equally vibrant make up.
 Her eyeshadow is brown, with liner in her eyeline.
 Her eyelashes are a special dark brown which compliments her brown eyelids.
 Her cheeks are pink, with a soft magenta glow to her lips.
 Two of her eye chips are specially made; a front facing light brown, and a left facing light blue.

Face Type: Radiance Renew

Face Color: Latte

Makeup: Brown eyeshadow, magenta lip, pink cheek

Eye Color: Light brown (front), blue (right), green (front), light blue (left)

Eyelid: Brown with brown eye liner

Eyelash: Dark brown

Hair Color: Blue Green

Earrings: Pink rhinestones

Manicure: Pink

Set Includes: Doll, dress, overskirt, gloves, coat, head accessories, ear rings, necklace, bag, stockings, shorts, shoes, stand (stand length 13.8cm)

Release date: September 27th, 2019 (fri)
MSRP Price: 23,800 JPY
*Details are subject to change.
Sale price at Junie Moon: 25,500 JPY
*This product is licensed by Hasbro.
As the source of the Blythe license, This product will be sold exclusively by Hasbro in the Asia region.
Sales in Japan are only available at each Junie Moon store (including online shops).
*As Hasbro exclusive dolls are imported, they will be sold for 25,500 yen (excluding tax) at each Junie Moon store, and the release date may change.
Please note that it differs from the manufacturer's suggested retail price.


Группа на Фликре: 

Photo Credit: www.blythedoll.com
Мы будем рады любой новой информации о данной кукле. Спасибо :)

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