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Junie Moon Home Sweet Home (JuMo)


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Дата выпуска: 25 июля 2017г.
Цена: ¥18,400 yen ebay
Тип выпуска: лимитированный (CWC Exclusive, Junie Moon shop).

Молд: RBL Renew
Тип тела:
Тон кожи:
Translucent Cream.
Волосы:  блонд.

Чипы:   небесно-голубые (влево/special), светло-карие (прямо/special), светло-сиреневые (вправо/special),  светло-синие (прямо/special).
Макияж: оливково-зеленые
тени и веки, светло-розовый цвет румян и губ.
Особенности: серьги, коричневые ресницы.
Колечко: пластиковый диск, с надписью "Junie Moon" с одной стороны и "Blythe" - c другой.
Аутфит: платье, подъюбник
, серьги, гольфы, ботинки, коробка с куклой (миниатюрный муляж), пакет к коробке, нижнее белье (панталоны).
В комплекте подставка.

Название релиза (японск.) - ジュニームーン ホームスウィートホーム

Официальное описание:

Fall in love with CWC Exclusive Neo Blythe Junie Moon Home Sweet Home!

We have been finding new and interesting goods to fill our store of wonders so that all who visit Junie Moon will be happy to have visited!
As our new image girl, Junie Moon home Sweet Home will be your guide!
You're bound to find that special item in that pink little house, filled from wall to wall with all of the things a girl loves.
My name is Junie Moon Home Sweet Home, we welcome everyone from all over the world who comes to our store!

Junie Moon Home Sweet Home loves lolita fashion. Her pink and sax blue coloring and housing and candy motifs are absolutely charming!
Her striped dress is covered by a faux sax blue jumper skirt, and on that skirt there are a smattering of prints of cakes, macaroons, tea pots, and toys, just like a Junie Moon display of a tea party.
Her head accessory is a breezy mesh minihat, with a striped ribbon embroidered with the Junie Moon logo put wrapped around it.
Her accessories consist of pink ribbon ear rings, clean white socks with a pair of strap shoes.

Face Type: Radiance Renew (A new mold based on the previous Radiance model)
Face Color: Cream (translucent)
Make Up: Olive green eyeshadow, light pink cheeks and lips
Eye Color: Light brown (front), Light purple (right), sky blue (front), light blue (front) *All special colors.
Eye Lashes: Default model, brown
Hair Color: Blonde
Ear Rings: Ribbon
Manicure: N/A
Set Includes: Doll, dress, underskirt, hat, ear rings, shorts, socks, shoes, stand (17.5cm tall), Paper craft (miniature dool package, shopping bag).


Группа на Фликре: 


Photo Credit: www.blythedoll.com
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