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Middie Blythe



♥Мидди Блайз♥



В начале сентября 2010 года сайт Blythedoll.com оповестил нас о скором приближении, нет, не конца света, а даты выхода Мидди Блайз. Общественность была взбудоражена, и коротала ожидание, рисуя себе радужные картины с участием этой загадочной Миди.
Предположения строились самые разные, но реальность, конечно, превзошла всё. После просмотра ролика "My name is Middie Blythe!" только ленивый, ну, или очень толерантный, не сравнил Миди с больным ребенком.



Те, немногие, кто нашел во внешности Миди своеобразное очарование, позднее были ошарашены ценой этого создания, которая была равна цене полноразмерной Блайз.



В общем, сложно говорить за японских блайзо-любителей, но ни западные, ни наши коллекционеры особо не прониклись этим концептом. Виной тому не только специфическая внешность Мидди, но и практически статичное тело. А уж эти глазки и болтающаяся голова, оооо...




1000917_MBT_ada.jpg                Характеристики Мидди:

Рост (высота):  около 20 см

Цвет глаз: 1 (один)

Направление взгляда может меняться по горизонтали влево-прямо-вправо

Веки: Статичное положение (не может открывать/закрывать глаза)

Шея: Голова на шее может крутится в стороны (влево-вправо)

Руки:  Подвижны

Талия: Статичная (не поворачивается)

Колени: Статичные (не гнутся)






CWC Exclusive Middie Blythe "Macaron Q-Tea Party”





We are very excited to introduce you to newest collaboration between world renowned Japanese accessory brand Q-pot. and CWC!
We have worked together to bring you the first ever, Middie Blythe called "Macaron Q-Tea Party."
Tea time is the perfect time to retire to the garden for a relaxing escape.
The intoxicating aroma of the flowers in the sunshine fill the air.
The light colors of the pink tea roses resemble the color of sweet Parisian macarons.
Once the treats are done baking we will be ready for our luxurious afternoon tea party, make yourself at home and enjoy this time with us!
"Macaron Q-Tea Party" has a soft and welcoming look coordinated with her sweet and romantic styling.
Her strawberry pink dress is embroidered with the Q-pot. brand, signature "Q" and whipped cream print. Her apron is light and airy, and brings to mind fresh whipped cream.
Her gorgeous little hat is a little tea cup filled with mint tea!
Like any proper tea cup, it features a beautiful rose and lace motif to make it truly festive for our afternoon tea!
Her necklace and earrings have the signature Q-pot.’s "Q" and are made to look like strawberry and mint green Parisian macarons, how sweet! She wears lace tights and mint green strapped shoes.
Her hair is a lovely honey blond, and has a slight wave perm giving her a romantic and sweet look.
She wears mint green eyeshadow and has fresh pink lips and cheeks, just right for an outdoor party. Her eyes are blue and are so inviting and warm. Her skin type is Very fair.

[ Skin Type ] Very fair
[ Make-up ] Eye shadow: mint green, Lips: blushy pink, Cheek: warm pink
[ Eye Color ] Blue
[ Hair Color ] blonde with a touch of brown (two mixed saran colors!)
[ Earrings ] Q-pot. Brand signature macaron earrings in mint green and strawberry
[ The set includes ] Doll, pink dress with decorative print, apron, tea cut hat, Q-pot. brand signature macaron necklace in mint, Q- pot. Brand signature macaron earrings in mint green and strawberry, tights, mint green shoes, bloomers, and new Middie Blythe stand.

Scheduled release Date: October 2010
Suggested retail price: 14,490yen (tax included)
Limited to 3500 dolls

“Little Lilly Brown”




"My father is a classical guitarist and is holding a live performance tonight. He is always busy traveling the world holding concerts, so to be able to see him live is a special occasion for me. There will be an after concert party tonight, too, so I'm dressed up for that! I will be sure to bring a bouquet of flowers for my favorite man, my dad."
Little Lily Brown is wearing a stylish pink one-piece dress with black beads as accents and a large pink ribbon to set off a sweet mood. She dons a furry stole and head-dress that is also decorated with black beads. All in all her look is sophisticated and finished with a classic pair of pumps. The signature Milk heart bag is miniaturized for Middie.
She has her hair parted to the side and softly permed cut just above her shoulder giving her a feminine air. Her skin is creamy and her make up natural using brown shadow and pink lips. The lips are drawn slightly above her natural lip line making her have lusciously full lips.

[Skin Type] Natural Skin
[Makeup] Eye shadow: Light brown / Lips: Pink / Blush: Pink
[Eye Color] Light brown
[Hair Color] Light Brown
[Accessory] Includes earrings
[The Set Includes] Doll, dress, cape, headdress, earrings, bag, gloves, socks, pumps, underwear, and stand

Release Date: December 19, 2010
Price: 13,440 yen (tax included)
Limited Edition: 2675 dolls


"Cherish Me Always"




For Blythe's 10th Anniversary, the anniversary doll collection would not be complete without the newest edition to our family, Middie
Blythe! She's here for her first anniversary celebration, and is ready to party with "10 Happy Memories" and "Birthday Surprise".
The lovely "Cherish Me Always" Middle Blythe is dressed in her best party fashion! Her apron style dress is baby blue and is adorned with sweet flower, butterfly and bird prints, similar to "10 Happy Memories".
The detailing of the pin tucked bodice and light blue line printed along the hem of her dress. She also has the signature bow motif included in all of the anniversary doll designs. Under the top skirt of the apron dress, "Cherish Me Always" wears a baby blue dress with white rounded collar dress with balloon sleeves.
Her outfit is complete with white and gray striped kneed socks, blue mary jane shoes with cute ribbon prints on the toes.
Cherish has long, straight strawberry brown hair with bangs and she wears a black headband.
She has sweet heart shaped earrings.
She wears light-green eye shadow and her blush and lips are salmon pink.
We picked blue eye chips from our new special eye color palette!
Her skin tone is natural skin.

[Skin Type] Natural
[Make Up] Eye Shadow: Light Green, Lips and Blushes: Salmon Pink
[Eye Color] Blue (Special Color)
[Eye Lashes] Black (Special)
[Hair Color] Strawberry Brown
[Earrings] Heart Shaped Earrings
Set Include: Doll, dress, apron, headband, earrings, socks, shoes, shirts, and doll stand.

Release date: 2011 June
Price: 15,540 yen (tax included)
Limited edition of 3000 dolls


“Milk and Honey”




“Milk and Honey” is a girl who lives in a foreign country far far away.
She loves milk and honey so much. She is wearing adorable one piece with apron and babushka!
Her ethnic style outfit is an assemble of one-piece type dress, lace collar on blue top with sleeves plus red polka dots skirt and flower pattern apron. Her babushka that gets along well with her skirt is made of cotton lace and flower on both sides.
She is also wearing pink socks and brown strap shoes.
Her hair is dark brown with bangs and loose curl in the back. The hair is about her waist long.
She wears olive yellow eye shadow, salmon pink cheek and pink lips for her make-up.

Skin Type : Natural skin
Make-Up : Eye shadow : Olive Yellow / Cheek : Salmon Pink / Lips : Pink
Eye Color : Lavender Pink
Hair Color : Dark Brown
Earring : None
Set Detail : Doll, one-piece, head dress, socks, shoes, pants and doll stand.

Release Date : Fri 12 Aug 2011
Retail Price : 12,390 yen (tax included)


"Suzy Hysteric"

Suzi Hysteric1.jpg

Suzi Hysteric2.jpg

Suzi Hysteric3.jpg

Meet this cute girl “Mini chan” who comes in rock and pop style fashion!
She is our newest and the first collaboration doll with popular kids fashion brand “HYSTERIC MINI”!

Mini chan’s fashion points are her cute items and black x pink coordinate clothing. Her inner cloth is a La Gran sleeves t-shirt and her 2 layers mini skirt with Mini chan’s rubber print.
Her leggings have Mini chan and HYSTERIC MINI’s logo printed. Pop style keyword motifs on these leggings are very cute too!
For her boots, we chose engineer boots those give her a little bit tough image.
She is also wearing a pink and black blouson. We want you to look closely at the neat embroideries on it.
There are “H” initial for HYSTERIC MINI on the front and Mini chan’s logo on the back.
Hair color is vivid yellow.
Hair style is center parted with lightly perm long hair.
You can also arrange her hair in up style and she will be exactly the same as Mini chan.
Her doll stand is beautiful clear pink with lamé.

Skin type: natural skin
Make up: eye shadow: light blue, lips: pink, cheek: pink
Eye color: blue
Hair color: vivid yellow
Earrings: with earrings
Set detail: doll, t-shirt, skirt, blouson, leggings, sunglasses, Earring, shorts, boots, stand

Release date: November 2011
Retail price: 15,540 yen (tax included)
Limited of 1800 dolls.






Melomelomew our cute Middie kitten!
She is the first Middie Blythe to have a kigurumi animal suit. Her cute animal suit comes has a sweet and fluffy tail!
The light blue and white striped apron is so perfect.
She loves cute things and dressing up pretty, which is why she has heart buttons, ribbon and lace on her sweet dress.
Her animal suit has adorable little cat ears complete with pink polka dot pattern inside that adds to her charming look.
Her mint green hair has soft, curly waves with bangs. She even has a matching mint green doll stand.

Skin Type: Fair
Make Up: Eyeshadow- light green, Lips- Pink, Cheeks- Pink, Eye Color- Mint Green
Hair Color: Mint Green
Set Contains: Doll, Animal Suit, Dress, Hat, Underwear, and doll stand.

Release date: August 2012
Retail price: 10,290 yen


"Francoise Ananassa"

 M_Francoise Ananassa1.jpg

M_Francoise Ananassa2.jpg

M_Francoise Ananassa3.jpg

Francoise Ananassa loves sweet strawberries. She's planning a strawberry picking party with her best friends and will wear this lovely dress!
Ananassa has some wonderful design details. The all over strawberry print fabric is a key to her look. Her large bonnet gives the feeling of sweet lolita styles. The combination of ribbons, polka dots, and lace set off the lovely strawberry pattern. She wears a new style of Middie shoes in faux lace up boot style!
Her hair is pink with loose curls with the unique Japanese "Hime" style hair cut with straight bangs and a short layer to frame her sweet face.
Her eyes are cobalt blue and she has fair skin.
Her make up gives her a healthy and youthful glow with pink cheeks and brown eyeshadow.
Her package even has an overflowing design detail of strawberry vines!

Skin Type: Fair
Make Up: Eyeshadow- Brown, Lip- Pink, Blush- Pink
Eye Color: Cobalt Blue
Hair Color: Pink (with Hime cut)
The set includes: Doll, dress, bonnet, boots, underwear, and stand.

Release Date: October 12, 2012
Price: 10,290 JPY


“Parson Grace”





Parson Grace is the Middie sister of the Neo Blythe Vinter Arden from 2010.  Parson is our very first Mori Girl Middie Blythe! Her style is soft and natural like a girl of the forest. Her sweet styling shows her tender and kind heart.

She wears a lavender one-piece dress with a pleated in an asymmetrical line and empire waist.
Her skirt has snow flake, squirrel, tree and heart printed motif making cute rustic print.
Her stole is blue green, and earmuffs are blue. Her accessories are in soft colors those match her one-piece really well. She wears grey socks with special long boots.

Her face color is cream. Her hair is champagne brown with a center parted and soft body wave. Her make up, and coloring all matches "Vinter Arden" to make her the perfect little sister. She has green eyeshadow, salmon pink cheeks and lips, ice blue eye color.
To make her looks more special, her make up is a little bit stronger than the Neo Blythe version.

Skin Type: cream (fair)
Make Up: eyeshadow- green, lips- salmon pink, cheeks- salmon pink
Eye Color: ice blue
Hair Color: Champagne brown
The set includes: doll, one-piece dress, stole, boots, shorts, and doll stand.

Release date: November 23, 2012
Retail price: 10,290 yen


“Jackie Ramone”




"Jackie Ramone" has the spirit of punk! "Punk is my middle name. I love the freedom and fast beats of punk music. But more than anything else, I love punk fashion! Come on, let's dance!"

She's wearing a mixture of hard punk looks, styled in a cute way. The faux leather Union Jack skirt on her one piece is topped with a bold yellow, plaid on the bodice. There is a small lace trim along the hem of the dress. This is a graphic design with impact! Her punk look is complete with faux leather jacket and tall boots. Her sunglasses are a new shape, with thicker frames.

She has a cute bob hair cut with straight bangs and a slight body wave perm.This slight perm helps keep her hair in a cute, round style. Her hair color is dark brown and red. She wears light grey eyeshadow and pink lipstick and blush. She has light brown eye, and fair skin.

Hair: Dark brown bob
Eye shadow: Smokey grey
Blush: Rose pink
Lip: Rose pink
Eye color: Brown 
Skin type: Fair 
Set includes: Doll, dress, jacket, boots, sunglasses, shorts, and stand. 

Release date: Feb 22, 2013
Price: 10,290 JPY


“Nekogatsu Zukin”

Nekogatsu Zukin1.jpg

Nekogatsu Zukin2.jpg

Nekogatsu Zukin3.jpg

Nekogatsu Zukin4.jpg

Nekogatsu Zukin5.jpg

Middie Blythe Nekogatsu Zukin she is the guardian of the Miracle Mushroom Garden in the village of Muchacha, of the country of Achachum. The magical garden brings happiness to everyone in in Achachum. It is a strange and mysterious place! Nekogatsu Zukin's shoes are bright red with little cat faces on them.Legend has it when she walks, her shoes say "meow meow".

The denizens of Achachum are very fashionable and they love to wear cute hoods for their day to day fashion.Nekogatsu Zukin wears a cute empire waist dress with a bold mushroom pattern.Her big red head piece is a lovely flower which ties under her chin.The bright petals of the flower attracts the gaze of the villagers. Her white and red striped tights are a great compliment to the mushroom print dress.

She has long, light brown hair, set in a slight perm. Her makeup was chosen with the utmost consideration to match her fashion. She has fair skin and the lovely make up fives her a mature expression. She has light green eyes, the color of the woods.

Hair: Light Brown

Eye shadow: Cream
Blush: Orange
Lip: Red
Eye color: Light green
Skin type: Fair
Set includes: Doll, dress, hair accessory, shoes, tights, shorts, bag, and stand.

Release Date: March 22, 2013
Price: 12,390 JPY

“Nellie Nibbles”

Nellie Nibbles1.jpg

Nellie Nibbles2.jpg

Nellie Nibbles3.jpg

Snuggly and sweet, Middie Blythe wears a one piece animal suit with cute long bunny ears cap! Nellie Nibbles loves organic salad! The animal suit and hat is made from a super fluffy material. The inside of the bunny ears is accented with pink gingham. The cap ties with a sweet lace, giving it a sweet and girly touch. 

Nellie Nibbles grows her own vegetables in the garden. Her blue basket is perfect for gathering up all her fresh veggies. There is a special printing on the packaging where you can cut out the fruits and veggies to put in your basket!

She has blonde, long straight hair with bangs. She wears brown eyeshadow, pink lips and pink cheeks. Her eyes are light blue. She's a lovely girl to wear all kinds of fashions!

Skin Type: Fair
Make-up: eyeshadow brown, lip pink, blush pink
Eye Color: Light Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
The set includes: Doll, animal body suit, cap, shorts, basket and stand.

Release Date; April 12, 2013
Price: 10,290 JPY


“Iris Linea”

Iris Linea1.jpg

Iris Linea2.jpg

Iris Linea3.jpg

Today is my first prom. My handsome escort is coming soon. My heart has been pounding since this morning for this special day. Her tiered dress looks like the sunsetting night sky, with its lovely blue gradient. A pretty silver ribbon ties around her waist with cute rhinestones on the bodice. Her tiara glitters like a star and is made of silver lace. Her earrings are silver bows and she wears light blue pumps.

Her healthy skin color is heightened by the choice of make up. She has special eyelashes. Her pink lips and blush give her a beautiful and youthful look. Her platinum blonde hair has a slight curl on the end to make it more formal. Her package includes a special insert that can be used as a sweet display. There tiny stars and a stage printed so it looks like she is dancing under the constellations.

Skin Type: Fair
Make-up: Brown eyeshadow, pink lips, pink blush
Eye Color: Light Blue
Hair Color: Platinum Blonde
Earrings: Ribbons
The set includes: Doll, dress, tiara, earrings, shoes, underwear, display sheet, and stand.

Release Date: June 14
Price: 12,390 JPY
Limited run of 2,000 (CWC Exclusive)


“Lena Elena”

Lena Elena1.jpg

Lena Elena2.jpg

The circus is here complete with acrobatics, dancing animals and the nail-biting trapeze act! The clowns bring you in with their funny jokes. Lena Elena welcomes you to the center ring, but to be good in the circus you have to practice everyday.

Her beautiful stage costume incorporates plenty of circus motifs. The cute illustrations on her formal jacket tell the story of circus life. She wears a bright green bow tie that pops. Her pants are a special pumpkin shape in black satin. Her top hat has the image of the big top wrapped around it. Her faux lace up boots are perfectly fashionable!

She has long, side parted hair in a loose perm. Her hair is brown. She wears natural and sweet make up in salmon pink lipstick and blush with green eyeshadow. She has Cream skin. She had lovely green eyes and comes with a red stand.

Skin Type: Fair
Make-up: Light green eye shadow, salmon pink lip and cheek.
Eye Color: Light green
Hair Color: Brown
Eyelid: Light green
The set includes: Doll, sleeveless top, shorts, hat, boots and underwear.

Release Date: August 23
Price: 10,290 JPY


“Furry Bella Bo”

Furry Bella Bo1.jpg

Furry Bella Bo2.jpg

Furry Bella Bo3.jpg

"Furry Bella Bo" brings a warm feeling to hearts of everyone around her. Her bright smile makes you want to hug her tightly in a bear hug. She wears a sweet casual outfit with striped top and denim skirt with fluffy pockets. The top has cute 3/4 length sleeves and a cute ruffle collar. She has two cute bear friends in her pockets to keep her company.
She wears a sweet bear cap. Her long red boots have a brown sole and silver color buckle.


Her dark red hair is her special charm point, with a long loose perm and bangs. Her green eyeshadow and cute makeup gives her a healthy glow. Her pupils are set to light brown.


Skin: Regular
Makeup: Green eyeshadow, orange blush, and orange lips.
Eye Color: Light Brown
Hair Color: Dark Red
The set includes: Doll, hat, tops, overalls, boots, stand, shorts, paper accessories of two bears.

Release Date: October 11, 2013
Price: 10,290 JPY



“Puchippu Chappu Pepa!”




Puchippu Chappu Pepa is a Harajuku girl through and through, interested in everything POP and fashion! She loves anything with a bright neon hue; neon pink, yellows, and greens glitter her outfits with energy and cuteness. Her cherry pattern print mini-dress alone is adorable, but combined with her see-through tulle camisole, it really brings her outfit together. The camisole ribbon is made to look like a cherry: green with a fuchsia pink bead. Her socks are a mismatched yellow and pink, and her boots are mint green with white soles and beige buckles.

Her lavender purple hair is long and can be arranged in any style. The ribbon has a hairband attached, which can be used to play with her hair easily!Her eyeshadow is purple, and her cheek and lip are pink. She comes with a pink stand.
Skin Type: Fair (Natural Skin)
Make up: Eyeshadow - Purple, Lip - Pink, Cheek - Pink
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Lavender Purple
Earrings: None
Set: Doll, One-piece Dress, Camisole, Hair Ribbon, Socks, Boots, Shorts, Stand

Release Date: December 13th, 2013
Price: 10,290 JPY

“Lydia Green”




Lydia seems like an innocent and sweet girl, but she holds a secret! Despite her innocent smile, she pulls on her rabbit mask to become a top bandit! She steals peoples memories. Even when followed by top detectives she slips through the cracks.

She wears a tartan check dress that looks like an innocent school uniform. She wears bright red knee socks that pop with her sweet strap shoes. Then she suddenly transforms with her sweet rabbit mask. Her monocle print helps her read the minds of people to take all their secrets. Her mask is reversible giving her two disguises one is a white rabbit and a black one!

She has long, straight hair with bangs that hits below the knee. It is dark brown and lovely. She has fair skin with light green eyes. She wears natural make-up of pink lips and cheeks with brown eyeshadow. She has a dark blue stand.

Skin Type: Fair
Make-up: Brown eyeshadow, pink lip and blush.
Eye Color: Light Green
Hair color: Dark brown
The set includes: Doll, dress, mask, socks, underwear, and stand/

Release Date: February 21, 2014
Price: 9,800+Tax JPY

“Yellow Marshmallow”

Yellow Marshmallow1.jpg

Yellow Marshmallow2.jpg

Yellow Marshmallow3.jpg

Yellow Marshmallow4.jpg

Yellow Marshmallow is so excited to go to the amusement park with her best friend Mandy. They play together on all the rides and win prizes at the midway.
At the end of the day she's excited to eat marshmallows. They had a very fun day!

Yellow wears a fun new monster face hood! The pink and blue stripes are accented with cute, pom-pom ears, fangs and little claws. This sweet hood transforms her into a little fashionable monster. Her hands can go into the little pockets to become paws.

Her shirt is printed with her name and cute pink monsters. Her shirt and shorts are a one piece jumper. The shorts portion is fluffy and soft. She has long orange boots with teal, contrasting soles and silver painted buckle.

Yellow Marshmallow has a new style of hair for Middie! Her hair is silver on the surface but underneath is vivid pink. Her bob is styled with a soft curl to keep it's sweet shape. This cheerful and fun girl is ready to play! She has youthful makeup with light blue eyeshadow, and soft pink lips and cheeks.

Skin Type: Natural
Make-up: light blue eyeshadow, pink blush, and pink lips.
Eye Color: Light blue
Hair Color: two tones of silver and bright pink
The set includes: Doll, one piece jumper, hood, boots, underpants and stand.

Release Date: April 18, 2014
Price: 9,800 JPY



"Contessa Margherita”






This breathtaking village makes grows luscious grapes to make the finest wine.
A special girl named "Contessa Margherita" knows the secret to make succulent wine.
After she planted some glorious rose bushes on the vineyard she found it changed the taste of the grapes to have a lovely bouquet.
This moment made true magic in the garden.

Margherita is long time friends with Regina Erwen.
She sincerely respects her dear friend as a sister.
She even dresses like her, with regal formalness. Her color theme matches as green, gold, brown and white.
The green satin bodice is set off with the gold lame balloon skirt.
The full skirt is embellished with roses and blue butterfly applique.
She wears cute pumps with diagonal striped socks.

The 13th Anniversary Middie Blythe has many new specifications that make her truly unique.
Her most charming feature is her makeup and skin!
She has special translucent, matte skin.
She also has special lip lines by her mouth with a soft pink edge to give her a realistic look!
She has special eyelashes and light green eyes.

She also has the new plum color hair which is a mixture of purple and brown.
The subtle nuances like a glistening grape.
She has long hair with bangs set in the loose perm.

Her stand is green.

Face Color: Translucent matte skin in "natural" color
Makeup: Eyeshadow- light nude, Lip- Rose Pink, Blush- Pink
Eye color: Light Green
Eyelashes: Special dark black
Hair Color: Dark, plum brown

Earrings: Gold color bows
The set includes: Doll, dress, hat, socks, shoes, underpants, and stand.

Release Date: June 20, 2014
Price: 12,300 JPY


"Oski tebyA lyublyU”

Oski tebyA lyublyUv1.jpg

Oski tebyA lyublyUv2.jpg

Oski tebyA lyublyUv3.jpg

Oski tebyA lyublyUv4.jpg

"Living in the forest with the bears and nature is a lovely fantasy.
I want to live there with Misha and Suri. We will share a happy life together."

Oski is dressed in Northern European folk dress with cute motifs of animals and nature.
The coordination of her dress, apron and ribbons gives this quant fashion look.
Her blouse has puff  sleeves with cute lace detail at the bodice.
Her sweet skit has the traditional folk motif printing.
This is accentuated by her sweet apron printed with rabbits and flowers.

She wears a white fur bear hat with tiny lace around the edge and a lovely flower at the ear. With her cute bear hat she fits right in with Misha and Suri! To finish her look she has white tights and red strap shoes.

She has a healthy glow to her with hr fair skin and soft make-up.
She has long blonde hair set in a perm with bangs. Her final charm point is her soft, light brown eyes.

Skin: Fair
Make-up: yellow green eyeshadow, pink blush and lip.
Eye Color: Light brown
Hair Color: Blonde
The set includes: Doll, dress, apron, bear hat, tights, shoes, underpants and stand.

Release Date: September 19, 2014
Price: 9,800 JPY


"Alicia Cupcake”

Alicia Cupcake1.jpg

Alicia Cupcake2.jpg

Alicia Cupcake3.jpg

Alicia Cupcake4.jpg

Fluffy whipped cream, strawberries and cherries with colorful sprinkles.
Let's make a sweet cupcake together!
Neo Blythe Sadie Sprinkles, Petite Blythe "Connie Corneille" and "Ivanka Corneille" will bake with us. It's a fun lolita time!

Alicia's dress is adorned with illustrations of soft whipped cream with berries and sweets.
The pink jumpers is accented with baby blue lace and ribbons.
Her stockings have cute pink laces printed on them.
Her large matching hair bow is the perfect lolita head piece.
Her little blue shoes complete the whole look.

She has long, light brown hair with a side part and bangs.
She has blue eyes.
She wears pink cheeks and eyeshadow with blue eyeshadow.
Her face color is natural.    

Skin Type: Natural
Makeup: Blue eyeshadow, lip blush and pink lips.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair color: Light Brown
The Set Includes: Doll, blouse, jumper, headbow, socks, shoes, underpants and stand.

Release Date: November 14, 2014
Price: 9,800 JPY



"Twinkle Princess”




The winter sky is filled with bright stars, my wish is bound to reach them!

Twinkle Princess wears a star sprinkled pastel dress with a star adorned crown.
Her light blue layered skirt is rimmed with cloud-like puffs, her transparent sleeves and light purple cape end with fluffy white fur, and her boots are white lace-ups, making it a perfect outfit to brave the chilly winter night.

Her silver hair is long and permed with bangs, her eye shadow is brown, and her cheeks and lips are pink. Her eye color is blue.
Skin Type: Snow
Make-up: brown eye shadow, pink lips, pink cheeks
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Silver
Set Includes: Doll, Dress, Cape, Crown, Boots, Shorts, Stand

Release Date: December 12th, 2014
Price:  9,800 JPY



"Nana’s Little Lass”

Nanas Little Lass1.jpg

Nanas Little Lass2.jpg

Nanas Little Lass3.jpg

Nanas Little Lass4.jpg

There are lots of beautiful flowers in the woods to Grandma's house! Maybe I should pick some to decorate her windowsill?

Nana's Little Lass' fashion style goes hand in hand with Neo Blythe Scotty Mum. The hood is patterned with Scottish red checkers and lined with adorable frills. The wooden toggle that keeps it in place is a very cute detail also. Her pink puff sleeve blouse and blue skirt dress has an embroidered image of "Little Red" making her way to Grandma's house through a patch of flowers while some wild animals look on. She also wears gray knee high socks and a newly made brown lace up booties. Her underwear is a pair of knee length white drawers.

Her hair style is a brown long perm with short bangs. Her eye shadow is green, cheeks a salmon pink, and her lips a light pink.
Her eyes are a light green, and her eye lashes are brown. Her face color is fair (natural).

Face type: Middie Blythe
Skin type: fair (natural)
Make up: Eye Shadow, green/Lip, pink/Cheeks, Salmon pink
Eye color: light green
Hair color: Brown
Ear ring: none
Manicure: none
Set includes: Doll, dress, cape, drawers, booties, socks, stand

Sale Date: February 20th, 2015
Sale Price: 10,800 JPY



"Pixie Peaceful”

Pixie Peaceful1.jpg

Pixie Peaceful2.jpg

Pixie Peaceful3.jpg

Pixie Peaceful4.jpg


With my new fairy wings, I can see far and wide! I hope that I could reach out to those in need and make everyone around me happy!

Pixie Peaceful’s very important wings are a slightly see through light blue.
A delicate vine motif is printed in blue on top, with a large flower in the middle.
Her dress has velcro on the back to make attaching and detaching the wings easy.
The skirt of her dress is a fish tail type with the front being shorter than the back!

Her skirt is scattered with mint blue, yellow, and blue flowers, all stitched with a glittery and wonderful aurora bead in the middle.
The body is made from
cotton, the sleeves with chiffon, and the skirt with a flowery lace and chiffon, creating a very nuanced dress.
The crown created with three different colored flowers, purple lace up shoes, and shorts-sized pumpkin drawers give her a story book look.

Her long pink hair is slightly permed and cut short in the front, and her eye lashes are a Middie first special pink color (the shape is default).
Her purple eyelids are also a cute charm point! Her sweet face is made up with purple eyeshadow and her cheeks and lips are pink.
Her eyes are a light brown, her face color is cream, and her stand is light purple.

Face type: Middie Blythe
Skin type: Cream (fair skinned)
Make up: Eyeshadow: purple/ Lips: pink/ Cheeks: pink
Eye color: Light brown
Hair color: Pink
Earrings: n/a
Manicure: n/a
Set includes: Doll, flower crown, dress, wings, lace up shoes, drawers,

Release Date: April 24th, 2015
Price: ¥10,800

"Little Duchess georgette”






This year, theres not one but two girls who will represent 14 wonderful years of Blythe! Little Duchess Georgette, although small and cute, emits a charismatic presence.
Her loveliness makes everyone around her smile!

Music and art are an aristocratic interest! Demoing the finest fashions and music at a concert is just the first step to gathering ideas for the
garden parties. Little Duchess Georgette wears a dress made in the style of fashion that many ladies of the Rococo era loved to wear.
Her rosy pink
with delicate lace and satin are wrapped with ribbons and frills, abundantly using romantic materials.

The ribbons on her chest, the wide open sleeves, and long skirt ballooning from her waist... Little Duchess Georgette befits the title of Anniversary
Doll with her impeccably coordinated fashion!
To go with the dress, a cute bonnet decorated with a purple rose corsage accent and a mint green ribbon to tie under the chin. She also wears a rose printed pair of pink pumps!

Her long blonde hair is slightly permed and cut above the eyes.
Her skin is a translucent cream color, with green eyeshadow, light brown eye lids, with an
especially made light brown eye lashes, giving her a refreshing and lively face. Her cheeks and lips are a delicate pink, with a slight brown line
accenting the corners of her mouth.
The stand is pink.

Face type: Middie Blythe
Skin type: Translucent Cream
Make up: Eyeshadow: Green / Lips: A delicately blurred pink (with brown
in the corners of the mouth) / Cheeks: Pink
Eye color: Green
Eye lids: Light Brown
Eye lashes: Light Brown *Special specification (New Color)
Hair color: Silvery Blonde (New Color)
Earrings: Golden Ribbons

Set includes: Doll, dress, panier, bonnet, shoes, shorts, stand

Release Date: July 31st, 2015
MSRP: ¥15,700



"Cool Pool Lemonade”

Cool Pool Lemonade1.jpg

Cool Pool Lemonade2.jpg

Cool Pool Lemonade3.jpg

Cool Pool Lemonade4.jpg

Cool Pool Lemonade5.jpg


Playing in the hot, orange sun all day has given me a tan!
It's time to take a break from this bright beach and have a delicious, cold lemonade in the shade.

Cool Pool Lemonade's dress and swim suit are cute, but her biggest charm point is her warmly sun tanned skin!
Her swimsuit is a vibrant blue and pink bikini that plays beautifully off of her tan, with a cute pink ribbon on her breast and on the rear of the pareo.
Put her white rimmed sunglasses on or wrap her matching pareo around her waist to give her that extra adorable oomph!
The lemon patterned dress is a perfect match for her energetic and fresh personality.

The blue denim ribbon is perfect to tie her hair with, and the heart shaped earrings and lemon yellow flat shoes are a great match for the summer.

Her brown, permed hair which is cut short at the bangs, can be put up at the beach or down for a stroll around town.
Her face color is mocha, which is a Middie first. Her eyeshadow is brown, cheeks pink, and her lips orange-pink.
Her eye color is emerald green.

Face type: Middie Blythe
Skin type: Mocha (dark skinned)
Make up: Eyeshadow: Brown/ Lips: orange-pink/ Cheeks: pink
Eye color: Emerald Green
Hair color: Brown
Eye lashes: Default
Earrings: Heart Shaped

Set includes: Doll, swim suit, pareo, dress, hair band, sunglasses, earrings, shoes, stand

*The accessories in the photos are not included.

Release Date: August 7th 2015 (Fri)
MSRP: ¥11,800



“Melanie Ubique Girl”





Odani Miyuki X Blythe’s second collaboration, a Middie Blythe version of Margo Unique Girl is coming. Here are the illustrations for Middie Blythe “Melanie Ubique Girl”!
Cute looks and a quirky character defined Margo Unique Girl, who debuted in 2012 and continues to be a popular Neo Blythe after it was sold out.
Taking the character of Margo and transposing it as a Middie, "Melanie Ubique Girl" is coming this fall!
Small but reliable, Melanie can't wait to be your friend!
Melanie is constantly the center of everyone's attention and affection, but because of that, she's also really busy.
She's running around across town all the time, but if you talk to her she'll always hang out.
She'll take you to shows, shopping, or even just a peaceful walk.
That's because Melanie always loves to spend time with her friends.
Her black dress, the large ribbon on the top of her head, and unique glasses make a big impact!
The color coordination for her outfit is black, red, blue, and pink.
She takes a lot of cues from Margo, but the details are all her.
The black dress is adorned with ribbon and heart motifs at the top, with a M embroidered on the emblem, and her skirt is speckled with cute dots.
She also wears bordered high socks and strap shoes, holding nothing back when it comes to fashion.
Her hair is long and slightly permed with cut bangs, and her hair color is a ash colored light brown.
Her face is regular with translucent skin, and her eye color is purple.
Her eye shadow is brown, cheeks pink, and her lips a salmon pink.

Release Date: October 23, 2015
Price: ¥13,400




"Mary Ann"






Middie_Mary_Ann5.JPGTea parties in Wonderland are always bizarre and exciting! Mary Ann final specifications!
I didn't think that I would shrink to a Middie size when I drank that potion,
but now that I'm small, I can explore and have fun!
Mary Ann's Fashion is based off of a playing card and hat motif, the quintessential Wonderland Style!
Definitely a good look to take to a unique
tea party!
Her jacket like blouse is chocolate brown with pink pin stripes, four gold buttons, and a ribbon on her collar.
Her skirt is a gathered strawberry pink miniskirt.
The skirt is decorated with hearts, spades, diamonds, and clovers, along with a lace fringe.
Her drawers are made long, so that it will peek out cutely under the skirt.
Her hat has "Don't Drink Me" written on it, presumably the message that was on the bottle that she drank out of.
Her socks are printed with a monotone diamond pattern, and the toes of her black shoes are gilded in gold.
Her hair is straight and long with bangs, and her hair color is a reddish dark brown.
Her eye shadow is light purple, and her cheeks and lips are a healthy pink.
Face type: Middie Blythe
Skin type: Cream
Make up: Eyeshadow- light purple / Lips, cheeks- pink
Eye color: Light blue
Hair color: Reddish dark brown
Manicure: n/a
Ear rings: heart shaped
Eye lids: default
Set: Doll, blouse, skirt, hat, ear rings, socks, shoes, shorts, stand.

Available: Nov. 13th, 2015 (Fri)
Price: ¥13,400




"Dainty Meadow"

Middie_Dainty Meadow1.jpg

Middie_Dainty Meadow2.jpg

Middie_Dainty Meadow3.jpg

Middie_Dainty Meadow4.jpg


Middie_Dainty Meadow5.jpgLet’s take a walk through the sunset lit grass. Here are the final specs for Middie Blythe Dainty Meadow.
Orange, pink, and purple; the sun slowly dyes the sky into a beautiful gradient of warmth, making it the perfect time to walk out into the chilly air with your favorite babushka.
Dainty Meadow loves her traditional clothes, it's rustic warmth is perfect for her.
Her dress top is striped with a light brown color, and her grass colored skirt is sprinkled with small flowers, creating a fluffy silhouette.
Her vest is a clean, light blue decorated by tylorean tape and a fur accent.
The babushka is cable knit with a white yarn, with a pompom on top.
She wears a pair of yellow socks and black flat shoes to complete the look.
Her partner Neo Blythe Winterish Allure compliments her outfit very well, making anyone looking at them a cozy feeling!
Her face color is fair (natural), and her eyes are light gray.
Her ash blonde hair is center parted, and permed wavy.
Her make up consists of olive green eyeshadow, and pink cheeks and lips.
Face type: Middie Blythe
Skin type: Fair (natural)
Make up: Eyeshadow: Olive green/ Lips and Cheeks: pink
Eye color: Light gray
Hair color: Ash blonde
Eye lashes: Default
Manicure: n/a
Earrings: n/a
Set includes: Doll, dress, vest, babushka, socks, shoes, shorts, stand

Release date: Feb. 19th 2016 (Fri)
Price: ¥13,400 (without tax)




"Rampion of the Valley"

Middie_Rampion of the Valley1.jpg

Middie_Rampion of the Valley2.jpg

Middie_Rampion of the Valley3.jpg

Middie_Rampion of the Valley4.jpgHair longer than her height! Announcing Middie Blythe “Rampion of the Valley” Final Images.
Just like the flowers growing wild among the trees in the forests of Europe, Rampion of the Valley is just a girl who wants to freely love who she wants to.
Her long hair is perfect to try a variety of styles on, so find your own perfect look for her!
Her fashion was inspired by castle dresses. Her pink cotton dress is embroidered with flowers, decorated with braided ribbons, and smattered with flowers. She wears a pale yellow underskirt with a laced hem-line under the dress.
Her belt is fake leather and braided chord, inspired by corsets. A pair of simple, pink pumps where selected to complete her look.
Her brown hair is lightly permed, and cut at her bangs. This doll comes with a comb, a hairband with a flower, and a hairband with a ribbon. Her make up consists of brown eye shadow, and pink lips and cheeks. Her eyes are light green, and her face color is cream.
*Her hair has been braided for the photo.
*Certain specifications are subject to change until release.
Facetype: Middie Blythe
Skintype: Cream
Make up: Eyeshadow:Brown / Lips:Pink / Cheeks:Pink
Eye color: Lightgreen
Hair color: Light Brown
Set includes: Doll, dress, petticoat, belt, head accessories, ribbon, shoes, shorts, stand
Release Date: April 22nd, 2016
Price: ¥13,400





Комментариев: 4

нечеловеческая грусть всех чебурашек мира...
за что, жестокий блайзо-бог, я мидди полюбила?
иду опять я на ибей, и снова прусь на яхо,
хочу всех мидди приютить, ведь каждая - милаха!

итак, оставлю первый камментик о мидди.
говорят, восторг от мидди проходит. не знаю, я пока в восторге с привкусом грусти - как много упущено. с другой стороны, собрать всех кукол мира задача невозможная, и каждой кукле своё время. моей первой мидди, как и первой блайз нео, стала розовласка, Pixie Peaceful. когда она приехала, всего пару месяцев назад, то... нет слов. этот розовый взгляд пробил такую брешь в сердце, что кажется никаким бетоном теперь не залить.
молд мидди был долгое время мне непонятен, да и формат казался довольно странный. и тут вот оно такое чудо рядом, и оно мне нравится, и... нда... думаю, самое главное в выборе мидди это понимать, что мидди это не нео блайз. это абсолютно другой формат, и не каждому блайзоману он может понравится. мне понравился невероятной чебурашкиной грустью и наклоном головы. ох уж этот наклон, этот робкий невинный взгляд. ну вы понели, а если не понели, то стоит подумать почему многие нонче прутся от блайз на ликко телах с этим самым наклоном башки.
пять точек артикуляции моё самое любимое, так что тело столбиком в самый раз. немного не нравятся свободные в тазу ножки, поставить мидди на улице на две палочки будет потяжелее чем нео. размер мидди-ножки мягко говоря впечатляет, явно не золушкин. вообще что делать с обувью пока не представляю. родные туфли последнего молда лодочкой на носки не налазят, высокие сапоги инженеры на носках болтаются, и единственная обувь которая сидит более менее это мери джейны предыдущих выпусков, а где ж их взять?
с одёжкой тоже особых находок нет, родное мы носим, но хочется ещё. а вот стока на вторичке довольно мало, от других кукол нам не интересно, и на этси ничего выдающегося не обнаружено. но зато уже приехал журнальчик с выкройками и активно пускаются слюни от просмотров картинок мидди в красивых нарядах. хочется творить для мидди, и это странно, и такого активного приступа явно не наблюдалось по отношению к нео.
проработка некоторых стоковых нарядов мидди радует, очень нравятся наряды для пар мидди-нео, например Oski tebyA lyublyU и Misha Tebya Lyublyu. есть наряды похуже, например сарафан и сапоги не по размеру от Furry Bella Bo.
ещё скажу что на полочке мидди смотрятся вполне к месту - и сами красавицы, и второй ряд из нео не загораживают. немного сумбурно получилось, и собственно про самих мидди даже не знаю что сказать :) скажу, что мне очень нравятся волосы - все недостатки используемого в последнее время волокна просто не видны в формате мидди. и реснички, реснички это вообще песня. и эта штука которая передвигает чипы.

думаю стОит отметить на мой взгляд одно большое различие с нео - у мидди ручки покороче, и из-за этого посадить их намного тяжелее: ручки мидди не достают до поверхности. поэтому мидди обычно сидят в широких юбках - так просто-напросто устойчивее :)

Сегодня обнаружила неприятный момент у Contessa Margherita - покрытие головы сзади начало немного липнуть, без паники, но надо знать если кто решился её купить.